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FBI Complicit in Omar Scheme

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports the FBI knew all along of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s dirty little secrets, but looked the other way. Sourcing The Post Millennial, an online news magazine, Franchi says New York Post columnist Miranda Devine took aim at Omar amid fresh allegations that the FBI knew that Omar married her brother so he could enter the U.S., a clear violation of immigration law.

Minnesota Republican operatives-turned-sleuths spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators to find out whether Omar was in fact a genetic match to the man who was her second husband. DNA evidence confirmed the man was her brother. Here’s more on Next News Network.

Joe The Real Ring Leader

More sordid details are seeping out about the Biden Crime Family corruption. New York Post investigative reporter Miranda Devine reveals that not only was then Vice-President Joe Biden meeting with Hunter Biden’s partners in crime from Burisma Energy, but also others in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, who were all funneling millions of dollars into Hunter’s bank accounts.

President Biden has continually denied speaking with Hunter about any of his business dealings, much less meeting with these people. Devine suggests that because Hunter’s life was in such disarray at the time, the real leader of the Biden Crime Family was Joe Biden himself. Here’s more with Devine on the Dinesh D’Souza podcast.

Navy Ships Stalked By UFOs

When we consider the vastness of space, it’s difficult to fathom that we are alone in the universe. Or are we? Not according to several strange encounters across the planet in recent years, including a mysterious interaction by Navy ships with unidentified aircraft.

In material recently released through the Freedom of Information Act, The New York Post reported that in 2019, three Naval war ships were repeatedly harassed by UFOs off the coast of California. The crafts, later identified as unmanned aerial vehicles, buzzed the three destroyers for several days. The report confirms that as many as six of these crafts swarmed the USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta and USS John Finn, at times performing brazen maneuvers. Here’s more with BuzWeaver and The Lost History Channel TKTC, which details other strange, alien encounters.

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Hunter Biden Strikes Again

In another blockbuster turn to the Biden Crime Family scandal, investigative journalist H.A. Goodman says Hunter Biden, aka Caligula, is on the hot seat again, thanks to a Trump Administration discovery. Citing an article in the New York Post, Goodman says Biden lobbied a billionaire to quickly wire $10 million to help establish and fund his failed business in 2017.

The Post sourced an email for the article obtained from a trove of documents released by Tony Bobulinski, Biden’s former business associate. Bobulinski stepped forward in October with allegations that fake President-elect Joe Biden was intimately involved in his son’s plans to cash in overseas. Says Goodman, “This is absolutely unbelievable. You have an incoming presidency, where the son of the President has been brokering deals for the former Vice-President (Joe Biden) that pedals access to the highest levels of the United States government.”

If there’s ever a scandal that requires a special counsel, this is it. Without one, this will more than likely get swept under the rug like so many others under the Obama Administration. Here’s more from Goodman.

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Twitter Censors Fake News

Jack Dorsey, the Leftist CEO of Twitter, mans a nightclub entrance, being sure to bar all the “fake news” reporters wishing to portray Joe Biden as a pedophile or as a corrupt scum on the take of six or so foreign nations. More from FreedomToons.

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Twitter FOLDS and unbans the New York Post after they revealed MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the Joe Biden family, exposing critical information from Hunter Biden’s Laptops and emails. Why is Big Tech protecting  Joe Biden? The censorship cost them a bundle Friday as shares of Twitter stock plummeted on the Nasdaq stock market. More from Mr. Obvious.

Democrats Demand Censorship

Republicans slam Big Tech CEOs over censorship to their faces. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are demanding more censorship. Exactly what country do they think they represent — Venezuela? More from Tim Pool.

Here, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, discusses the censorship with two who have felt the voodoo sting of the Big Tech overlords — Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, and Sohrab Ahmari, op-editor of the New York Post. It is the New York Post that Twitter has brazenly censored. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey denies that, but Dorsey is a hardcore liar in addition to being a Leftist cad.

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Democrats Vow Revenge

Less than 24 hours following the confirmation and swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the deranged Democrat Party has all but doubled down on its threat to pack the court if Joe Biden is elected.

Joining their compadres at the uber liberal mainstream media networks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt cohorts were in a frenzy, slandering the GOP with every name in the book. Pelosi went as far as to suggest, “Maybe we need more district courts, as well.” And Senate Minority Leader Cryin’ Chuck Schumer joined in on the onslaught, saying, “My colleagues might regret this for a lot longer than they think.”

Here’s more on the New York Post Channel.

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While the predictable Democrats are steaming over Barrett, Kevin Paffrath, host of Meet Kevin, gives us the lowdown on what the confirmation means for the Supreme Court and the country.

Landing on the SCOTUS docket right out of the gate tomorrow, the court will hear a case regarding the state of Mississippi’s ban on abortion after the 15th week. Soon thereafter, SCOTUS tackles the decision on whether a New York prosecutor will be allowed access to President Trump’s financial records, including his tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019. And beginning on November 10, the Supremes will tackle a case that challenges the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

But perhaps the most significant question is how will the Barrett confirmation affect next Tuesday’s Presidential election? Quite a workload awaits the newly anointed Barrett. Stay tuned for more drama. Here’s more analysis from Paffrath.

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Big Tech: Threat To Free Speech

Big Tech has increasingly posed a problem with its censorship practices in recent years, suppressing American conservative views they didn’t want. But last week Twitter and Facebook crossed a major threshold, escalating their censorship to a different level when they censored a major media outlet, namely the New York Post.

The move came after the Post published two blockbuster stories, alleging corruption by Joe Biden in Ukraine and China. Says Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, appearing on Fox News, “Both Twitter and Facebook decided that voters were not allowed to see this news story.” Cruz adds that they went even further and blocked the New York Post, which has the fifth-largest circulation in the country and is 200 years old, from sending out its own story. “It is chilling to see a handful of Big Tech oligarchs telling media companies that they get to decide what stories they can write and what stories you can read.” Here’s more with Cruz and Maria Bartiromo.

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Is Sleepy Joe Biden Done?

Joe Biden is leaking support as bombshell revelations sink his campaign. The mainstream media might be trying to act like this isn’t a story, but it is sure capturing the attention of the nation, since appearing a week ago in the New York Post. Now, not only are ex-business associates turning in Biden, but they are showing how he solid out America to the Communist Chinese, while using his brother James and son Hunter as the go-betweens to funnel the money. Explosive stuff. More from Steve Turley.


Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels. Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE. Many other Democrats were listed in the business dealings of Hunter Biden as well.

A former business partner has delivered a trove of documents to the press in relation to his dealings with the Biden family and Chinese money. We now know that Joe was signing off on many of these deals, proving he lied when he said he did not discuss business with his son. But key contacts for their business dealings included many prominent Democrats, among them, Kamala Harris, who now conveniently is Joe Biden’s VP. More from Tim Pool.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: At Thursday night’s debate, President Trump invited Tony Bobulinski as a special guest. Bobulinski is a Navy veteran and former business partner of Hunter Biden who has linked Joe Biden directly to Chinese graft. Bobulinski says he is turning over his electronic devices and records of business dealings to the FBI. The question that remains now: How long before the dishonest mainstream media begins to report on this growing web of corruption.)

The End For Joe Biden?

Biden emails are confirmed. Bombshell New York Post story could be the end of Joe Biden’s run. Democrats are pissed. More from Tim Pool.



The New York Post’s Opinion Editor Sohrab Ahmari says the New York Post has been “completely transparent about the provenance” of the Biden scandal story, explaining how they came about the damning information. It comes as the New York Post released an expose detailing links between Joe Biden and his son who was paid at least $50,000 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company who allegedly set up a meeting with the Vice President.

“A laptop repair shop owner got in touch a while ago with Mr Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer with information that he had gotten hold of a laptop, which appeared to belong to Hunter Biden,” Mr Ahmari told Sky News. “He was alarmed by things that he had found on this laptop … he shared it with Mr Giuliani’s lawyer, eventually we got wind that this laptop’s hard drive existed and we asked Mr Giuliani for it and he turned it over to us.

“There’s a trove of information, but among other things there are emails that show that Hunter Biden had set up meetings between himself, his father and executives at a shady Ukrainian energy firm. It seems like it was really for influence pedaling.” More from Sky News Australia.

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp predicted nobody of significance would go to jail about the failed coup of President Trump. New declassified documents prove that the so-called “Crossfire Hurricane” and the FISA spy warrants were an illegal operation by the Shadow Government and the Obama Administration that was totally made up. It was a scam and a witch hunt to remove President Trump from office, and, yet, Attorney General William Barr has done nothing, Shipp says,

“It was a soft coup. There is no question about it. No one involved has been indicted or even told they were a subject of a criminal investigation. None of the main players involved has that happened to. That is extremely concerning. . . . Trump is very upset with Barr, and he’s saying it publicly. . . . He’s very upset, and his family has been put through this, and nothing has come out with the Barr/Durham investigation. . . . The chances of Barr being fired with a Trump victory are pretty strong.”

Shipp says, “Trump is going to win by a landslide. . . .but people should expect significant violence in the streets. You should plan accordingly.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and counter-intelligence expert Kevin Shipp.

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