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Obliterating The Vax Narrative

Dan Bongino reports that more research has surfaced revealing that masks may offer a small benefit for Covid-19, but increased CO2 may be tied to stillbirth.

Sourcing Just The News, Bongino says the research by U.S. Navy experts also shows testicular toxicity in adolescents. The reports reveals that after five minutes of being masked, CO2 concentration rises higher than Navy exposure limits in submarines carrying a female crew.

Says Bongino, “Everything we told you about the ‘rona is starting to come true. I believe in science, unlike the lefty goons and public health losers like Fauci. … And on masking, at least, the body of research shows that it sucks and doesn’t do much of anything.” He explains further, plus brings more analysis on the issues of the day.

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