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The Fed’s Corrupt Prosecutors

Former President Donald Trump releases a video with more reaction to his newly announced indictment, declaring himself to be totally innocent of any criminality. Trump Lawyer Alina Habba explains Trump’s state of mind in Florida and Kash Patel details the corruption inside Jack Smith’s prosecution.

Trump Lawyer James Trusty explains the details of the Trump indictment based on the summons they received. We review the referenced statutes and new allegations supporting the charges. CNN claims to have the transcripts of a Trump audio recording and a new theory about witness tampering charges.

Politicians and GOP candidates respond to the news that leading primary candidate Donald Trump has been indicted. We check in with the GOP frontrunners, the Senate and get reaction from the left.

Trump’s defense lawyers file a claim of misconduct, alleging Jack Smith’s prosecution improperly threatened a witness during questioning in front of numerous other DOJ officials. More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

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