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The Modern-Day Slave Trade

Amazing Polly discusses the new film The Sound of Freedom, but she hasn’t seen the picture yet. So her talk quickly transforms into something else: A breakdown of the modern-day slave trade. She explores how Ukraine has played such a central role for this traffic, as well as the Caribbean Islands, frequented by the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey.

Sex trafficking is part of the puzzle, but the bigger picture touches upon organ harvesting and genetic experimentation. This trade involves billions of dollars a year, so it attracts participation by powerful cabals backed by sleazy and corrupt politicians like the Clintons, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Will the trafficking ever stop? It could happen but the public will have to demand it. The leftist politicians need to be tossed into the wind, along with their fake news allies. Corporations backing these monsters, let them burn to the ground. We can win this, but it will not be easy and will not happen overnight! Here’s more from Amazing Polly.

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