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Pedophiles Attacking ‘Freedom’

Who are the biggest critics against The Sound of Freedom? Would you believe, pedophiles and their backers and spokesmen. For instance,  Bloomberg film critic Noah Berlatsky, who dismissed The Sound of Freedom as a Q-anon conspiracy rant, previously served as spokesperson for Prostasia, a M.A.P. (minor-attracted person) advocacy group.

Here, Berlatsky’s double-standards are pointed out by Andy Ngo, who serves as Senior Editor at The Post Millennial. You have to wonder: Did Bloomberg check into Berlatsky’s body of work? Did they have any qualms at all in deciding this was a good assignment for him? Which editor thought it was A-OK to have a pedophile supporter reviewing an anti-child trafficking movie?

We give Bloomberg a big fat “F” on this score. They not only need to fire Berlatsky, but also the moron who hired him. Here’s more from Linda Curanaj on Newsmax.

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