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Twitter Fighting Free Press

No sooner had Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter, and the social media platform issued new terms of service. The long and short of the new policies: Twitter won’t be allowing conservative and independent journalists to speak out. Doesn’t matter if these journalists are telling the truth while the mainstream media blatantly lies and attempts to bury stories. Twitter will bring down the hammer, and knock around characters like Andy Ngo or Tim Pool. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Mark Dice also has a few words to share about Twitter, its disgusting biases and our new overlord: Parag Agrawal. You have to wonder where they came up with this cretin. He has absolutely no appreciation for the American Bill of Rights, yet he’s chosen to run a major social media platform!



The Christmas Parade Killer

The real story is magically disappearing…More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The militant who murdered six Americans and injured more than 50 others says he hopes to start a revolution. But instead, the Waukesha attack will destroy Black Lives Matter, once and for all. Stev Turley explains.

Protesters Get Unmasked

Hacker Anonymous ATTACKS Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist for EXPOSING Antifa and BLM mugshots. Woke Twitter has a METLDOWN as more mostly peaceful protestors (rioters) get unmasked. #AndyNgo #PortlandProtests #BlackLivesMatter. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Portland Has Become A Hellhole

If you’re not tuned into alternative media, there’s a good chance you’re oblivious to the rioting, looting and total chaos taking our major liberal cities hostage. And Portland again appears to be the poster child in all the calamity. Unfortunately for many Americans, the lamestream media is absent in its coverage, pretending that this isn’t happening, or painting the chaos as peaceful. Take student gun-control activist David Hogg. He recently re-engaged in the radical discourse, tweeting a video and sarcastically adding that the event was a seemingly peaceful protest by moms in Portland: “These are the radical anarchists that Republicans say we need to fear.” The video shows a large group of women all dressed in yellow shirts, singing and chanting. Journalist Andy Ngo, who has delivered in-depth coverage of the protests in Portland for a Canadian website, countered Hogg’s tweet immediately: “I recognized a lot of these so-called “moms” as the same Antifa women who dressed in black as recent as a couple days ago.” He added that the shirts and signs were just for optics, and that many of the women don’t even identify as female. And he’s right. It’s more than suspicious to see this many moms congregate in a faux protest close to nearby graffiti proclaiming: “Moms for dead cops.” Here’s more from Lauren Chen of The Blaze.

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The Truth Behind The Mask

The protests, rioting and looting surrounding the death of George Floyd have shone a new spotlight on the radical left group Antifa. Members of the alleged anti-fascist group have dominated the chaos in otherwise peaceful protests across the country.

Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales says the attraction to the group is to promote animal rights, anti-capitalism or pro socialism, but once the black masks are donned, all that is out the door. “Once they come together in the black block and under the masks, they forget all that and they go for that common goal of silencing whatever their opposition at the moment is,” Nadales says.

Attorney General William Barr says that these acts of anarchy are not exercises of First Amendment rights, but are crimes designed to terrify fellow citizens. He added that the Department of Justice will treat violence associated with members of Antifa as domestic terrorism. Learn more from Barr and conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who wrote critically about Antifa and paid the price, in this special presentation from Fox News Digital.

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Unmasking Antifa

The recent brutal assault on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland brings Antifa into the spotlight again. What is the longer term significance of this event, for Antifa, and America as a whole? The Epoch Times interviews Jack Posobiec on the origins of Antifa and exposure of its tactics, following the Antifa attack on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon. More from American Thought Leaders, The Epoch Times.

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Leftists Destroying US Cities

Leftists like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler are destroying American cities. They not only are suffering economically they now are turning much more dangerous, as the Leftists muzzle the police and pave the way for violent terrorist groups like Antifa. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Sen. Ted Cruz declared that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler should be investigated by federal law enforcement agencies and officials following his handling of the protests in his city over the weekend that saw a conservative writer purportedly via documented evidence and testimony attacked by members of Antifa. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s hands-off policy when it comes to Antifa protestors came under scrutiny on Saturday after journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by masked Antifa assailants. Wheeler, who is also police commissioner, said nothing, as hundreds of Antifa protestors gathered on the streets, with some throwing milkshakes — potentially mixed with quick-drying cement — and assaulting Ngo. More from Lionel Nation.

Styxhexenhammer666 explores the endless madness of the far left as they punch for peace. Their milkshakes should bring their cops to the yard. Face it, Portland isn’t a city worth visiting. Just a Leftist shithole.

Andy Ngo is a Quillette editor and reporter who was assaulted by Antifa members during a rally in Portland, Oregon. On June 29, left-wing activists came to Pioneer Courthouse Square in the city to counter a Proud Boy rally named “Him Too” which was due to take place at 1 p.m. Ngo said he was recognized by counter-protesters.

Ngo tweeted, “Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance. If you have evidence Of attack please help.”

In a subsequent message, Ngo reported that he was “beat on face and head multiple times.” He described his assailants as being “at large.” In one of the videos, Ngo says, “I just got beat up by the crowd – no police at all – in the middle of the street. And they stole my GoPro. And they punched me several times in my face and head, and I’m bleeding.”

Andy Ngo has since been hospitalized with a brain bleed. After the assault on Ngo, the Portland Police Department said in a statement, “Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police.” More from Stefan Molyneux.

‘Spez Preps the Bull’ Strikes

On June 26th, 2019 – the day of the first 2020 Democrat Primary Debate, but obviously that doesn’t matter – the massively popular no-brakes domreddit “The_Donald” was quarantined by an SS unit of REDDIT admins, likely led by company co-founder and CEO “Spez Preps The Bull.”

Desperate to censor their own horrible ideas from even their opposition, SPTB and his team of pork-lords allegedly groped T_D into an Andy Ngo-only internment camp: Internet Edition, effectively negating its ability to, you know – share words, noises, and pictures.

One can only speculate why the Democrats would take action to limit their own reach and publicity – or one could just watch the debate, and not have to speculate at all. But either way, The_Donald joins a growing line at the forearm tattoo shop by order of the Tolerant Left. More from John Ward.

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Of course, the REDDIT censors aren’t the only ones with hot hands and feeble minds. The YouTube censors have been just as churlish. Steven Crowder invites followers to go to see his back catalog of videos on The Blaze. He is going to continue broadcasting on YouTube, but has removed some 30 to 40 videos and shifted them over to The Blaze in response to the YouTube censorship. Will we see other content creators follow suit? Stay tuned.

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Antifa Brutalizes Photographer

Antifa has brutally beat photographer Andy Ngo. He’s been hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. Media Liberals, naturally, are excusing Antifa. But we don’t and won’t.

Why isn’t the FBI bearing down on these vile and violent domestic terrorists? What the hell is wrong with that agency? Even the corrupt J. Edgar Hoover has got to be rolling over in his grave given how his former agency is now full of a bunch of Leftist pussies. More from Tim Pool.

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Violence, doxxing, censorship, racism. The Left seethes with hatred of anyone who disagrees. More from Andrew Klavan, newly returned from a vacation with his wife in Switzerland. There’s not a single commentator anywhere else in America who better describes the churning paroxysm, the blinding stupidity, the overreaching evil of the Left.

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Michelle Malkin joins Sebastian Gorka to discuss the Antifa violence in Portland, Oregon. Malkin is helping to get funding and care to Andy Ngo, the photographer viciously attacked by Antifa. Malkin believes this is only the beginning of the Fascist violence we will see from these Leftist thugs.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this Michelle Malkin appearance with Sebastian Gorka. In its place, we offer an interview on Portland, Oregon, and Antifa, that she did with Newsmax.)


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