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Tucker Uncovers Smoking Gun!

Tucker Carlson conducts an interview with Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, and clearly uncovers a smoking gun! It’s a letter written to Archer from former Vice President Joe Biden that not only discusses meeting Archer but also Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business deals.

In other words, Joe Biden has been a flat-out liar when he has claimed repeatedly that he knew nothing of Hunter’s business deals and had no hand in furthering those deals. Joe Biden not only was knee deep in the swamp, but he benefited immensely for many years from these crooked deals.

The man is a disgrace, no better than a street thug, given how deeply he’s now trying to sandbag former President Donald Trump and Biden’s Democratic rivals. Here’s more from Steve Turley, drawing not only upon Tucker Carlson’s pivotal interview but also the groundbreaking, investigative reporting by Miranda Devine from the New York Post.

After Devon Archer testified before Congress about Joe Biden’s knowledge of Hunter Biden’s foreign business ventures, he joined Tucker Carlson on Twitter for a tell-all interview. Glenn Beck reviews the four biggest bombshells from the interview, including what Hunter’s role in the businesses really was, whether Joe Biden knew he was speaking with Hunter’s business partners, and a letter from then-Vice President Biden thanking Archer for working with Hunter.

Plus, Glenn explains why he believes Tucker handled this interview “expertly”: “He approached him as a peer.”

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