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Will Candace Join Tucker?

Will Candace Owens walk away from the Daily Wire and join Tucker Carlson in a new, soon-to-be launched conservative media platform? That’s the rumor floating far and wide since Ben Shapiro’s sharp attacks against Owens. Shapiro has pushed his backing for Israel to a shrill extreme, and forgotten that he is supposed to be addressing American audiences.

Do we generally support Israel in the Middle East? You betcha! But does that mean Israel can do whatever it wants, up to and including murdering children? Not at all.

Likewise, the Daily Wire can’t expect broad American support when it belittles Americans as vibrant and lively as Candace Owens. Bark up that tree and the Daily Wire will become the next media outlet, like the leftist Vice, falling into bankruptcy.

Here, Mark Dice summarizes the issues at stake in the beef between the two conservative powerhouses. It appears to be a straightforward, honest assessment. Time will tell.

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