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Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Bias

Rainn Wilson, from the TV show “The Office,” called out anti-Christian bias in Hollywood, but then walked back his comments, apparently fearing the wrath of the Leftists. This follows a familiar path.

Few in Hollywood will stand with conservatives to fight the excesses of the LGBTQ activists. Witness the apologies extended by Mario Lopez, a star on “Saved from the Bell,” after he appeared on a show hosted by Candace Owens. More from Mark Dice.

Dems Promoting Neo-Slavery

Candace Owens doesn’t mince her words when it comes to dressing down the Democrat Party. She tells Tucker Carlson that the Party’s insatiable thirst for power has blinded them to the frailties of their leaders, such as Joe Biden and John Fetterman.

Owens points out that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, will soon turn 86 and appears headed for another run at the White House. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Sen. Fetterman is plagued with mental problems and is currently bedded down in a mental hospital.

Does incompetency matter? “No, because you are here to serve the party. This is all Democrats care about,” Owens says. “And, actually, if you’re incompetent, that’s even better. The old system that they’re after is neo-slavery.” More with Carlson and Owens.

The Top Five Female Grifters

I hear the word “grifter” way too often. Unfortunately, there are just too many grifters in this world. I respect the hustle, though. Here is my opinion on the top five female grifters. More from Candace Owens.

Record Numbers Of Chickens Die

A record number of chickens are dead. Is certain feed causing hens to stop laying eggs?

Ivory Hecker explores what’s happening, with a nod to Candace Owens. Owens had earlier pointed out how hens being fed Purina had stopped laying eggs.

The Dam Is Breaking!

Operation Mockingbird is being exposed to millions. Every day, more are learning how the CIA has been used to infiltrate and destroy independent media in the United States, turning the mainstream media into a cesspool of fake, government-controlled news.

It’s actually closer to warmed-over propaganda, enforced by the same corrupt intelligence agencies behind massive censorship across the United States. As The Twitter Files have proven, the FBI, CIA and quite possibly other American intelligence agencies have conspired with social media platforms, ranging from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, to shut down free speech and free thinking.

These outfights pose a monstrous threat to our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and everything America has historically stood for. More from Mark Dice.

Dems Losing The Latino Vote

Latinos across the nation, but particularly in Florida and Texas, swung heavily toward the GOP in Tuesday’s midterm election. Here, Ben Shapiro joins Candace Owens and Andrew Klavan in explaining the dramatic shift on a Daily Wire video.

Turbo Charge Your Discernment

Most of us recognize Russell Brand and Andrew Tate as shills working to distract us. But are Kanye West and Candace Owens cut from the same cloth? That’s the opinion of Hugo Talks, and he explains his position here.

Delete Your Paypal Account

Candace Owens says conservatives should delete their Paypal accounts after the company’s recent threats to fine anyone whose views don’t match those of the Paypal hierarchy. The company announced subscribers could face fines up to $2,500 for what it termed “misinformation,” but after a groundswell of opposition, Paypal backed off and withdrew the threat. Too late!

This doctrinaire company has now indelibly shown its leftist colors. Any conservatives should chuck these chums, and moderates might even want to get out, or at least, use Paypal sparingly. Why support a draconian outfit that thinks it’s their right to enforce what we can say or believe?


Black Lives Matter: Fraud!

Blacks Lives Matter purported to be working for the benefit of black people. But Candace Owens says the political action committee is nothing but a fraud.

Co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter collected millions of dollars. The money was used to buy expensive mansions for the BLM leaders, mansions located largely in white communities. These leaders live the high life, while doing nothing to benefit black people. More from Candace Owens.

Questioning American Values

Candace Owens tells London Real that the excessive adulation over the deaths of criminals George Floyd Jr. and Rayshard Brooks has her seriously questioning American values in recent years.

Take Floyd, she says, the alleged counterfeiter murdered by a Minneapolis cop, who was idolized on national TV for three days and buried in a gold casket. “My question to Black America is why do we keep sanctifying our criminals,” she says. “When Clarence Thomas dies, do you think there’s going to be a three-day telecast funeral and a gold casket. No. Something’s wrong here. Our values are wrong here and this is happening because our media acquiesces to that sort of an environment.” Here’s more from London Real.

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