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Will It Begin To Unfold?

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports there are rumors afloat that Joe Biden is in for an emotional week. What could possibly be playing out here? Radiostyle says the possibilities are limitless: A China-Taiwan issue, a stock market crash, a flare-up on the southern border, the looming 25th Amendment, or could it be another of  Biden’s weird-ass executive orders.

Fueling the speculation was the unusual activity over the weekend at the abandoned Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, where the lights went back on to accommodate a fleet of Chinese aircraft landings. “There’s no information who is there and why the lights are on,” says Radiostyle. “We heard stories that Biden was working with China and it sure does look like he abandoned a base to give our enemy a foothold.” Radiostyle elaborates on the story, plus brings us more Covid-19 lies from Dr. Anthony Fauci and features never-heard-before information on vaccination data from Sen. Ron Johnson.

US At The Mercy Of The Taliban

Lara Logan calls out the Biden admin for not standing up to the Taliban on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’ Here, we come to see how the Americans practically gave the nation of Afghanistan away by evacuating its strategic ground at Bagram Air Base to the Taliban.

So far, only about 2,500 of the stranded Americans have been rescued in Kabul. There remains at least 10,000 Americans still left behind under the control of the Taliban.

Just how stupid can Biden’s military and State Department advisors be? We all know Joe is an idiot, but apparently, most everyone else in his administration is about as clueless as Biden himself.

Logan will have more tonight as her program Lara Logan Has No Agenda airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on Fox News. The topic for this episode is 21st Century Terrorism Revealed.


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