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Tucker Carlson To Be Canceled?

The usual leftist Democratic strongholds — like Twitter and CNN — are now agitating to get Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News. They don’t like him because he describes the border crisis for what it is: The Democrats working to replace average Americans with a more compliant and Leftist voting bloc. Blacks are turning more independent, so Democrats need another group they can control and subjugate, one more malleable. More from Mark Dice.

Pelosi’s Atmosphere Of Fear

Paranoid Nancy Pelosi is still clinging to her battalion of National Guard troops, although there is no longer a threat–or never was–on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy tells Sara Carter he’s figured on why she is taking this course of action. “Speaker Pelosi has taken the emotions of Jan. 6 and has tried to string those out as long as possible, to try to present an attitude of fear and trepidation as long as possible,” Murphy says.

The North Carolina Congressman says the majority of the troops would be better served protecting and assisting federal agents on the southern border. Here’s more with Murphy on the Sara Carter podcast.

Thousands Waiting At Border

With the corrupt Democrat Party squarely entrenched in Washington, the number of illegal immigrants crowding our southern border is swelling. Activists representing the throng from Central America are now demanding that the incoming administration honor its campaign commitment, but a Biden official told them, “Not just yet.”

President Biden campaigned that he would sign multiple executive orders on this first day in office, including many dealing with immigration. So get ready folks for what could be a catastrophic economic collapse and disappearing jobs–for Americans, at least. In this edition of “The News & Why It Matters” on Blaze TV, host Sara Gonzales welcomes blogger Cowboy Chad Prather and colleague Elijah Schaffer to also discuss Big Tech’s plans to de-platform conservative voices and an update on President Trump’s impeachment trial.

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