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Buckle Up! It’s Showtime!

The [Deep State] has opened the door of all doors. This door cannot be closed. They fell right into the patriot trap. The raid on Trump will be used against them. What will be produced will shock the world. They never thought she would lose. They thought they could maintain control and continue with their narrative. Now, they all lose. The insurrection began on Nov 3. Can the military override the three-letter agencies. Buckle up. It’s showtime. More from the X22 Report.

Don’t worry about a thing! Always 10 steps ahead! The Raid! Coverup? Fear mongering? We watch and laugh! More from And We Know.

Philly Election Fraud Proven

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, bordering the city of Philadelphia, is the latest area to show proof of election fraud. A whistleblower with video evidence has come forward and it should anger everyone! More from RedPill78.


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