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Attorney Schoen Speaks Out

In a telling and reflective interview with Sara Carter, attorney Doug Schoen says the recent impeachment trial of President Trump was a dangerous broadside attack on the integrity of the institution of the Presidency.

Schoen, a civil libertarian who’s also defended the Democrats in past cases, says his main goal in the trial was to defend the Constitution. As for the Democrat Party’s prosecution, “Partisan weaponization of the impeachment process, partisan purposes, partisan agenda,” Schoen says. “Their main goal: bar Donald Trump from ever running for the Presidency again and, in fact, disenfranchising at least 74 million voters.”

Here’s more with Carter and Schoen, who describes how he came to be the lead attorney on Trump’s defense team.

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Tie-owa Bad News For Hillary

Avowed socialist candidate Bernie Sanders astounded the political world by battling the more established Hillary Clinton to a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses. So that begs the question: Is this really a good result for Clinton? Fox News host Sean Hannity welcomes contributors Doug Schoen and Monica Crowley for a spirited debate in this election-night special.

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