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Popeye The Sailor Revived

The Cartoon Renewal Studios has restored, remastered and colorized the 1937 two-reel cartoon Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves. Watch as Popeye, accompanied by Olive Oyl and Wimpy, challenge the dreaded Abu Hassan and his force of forty thieves.

Some will complain and rage over the colorized processing, but the sad fact is: Most kids nowadays will never watch black and white cartoons. So if you want younger viewers to see these classic works, they’ve got to not only be restored to improve their quality but also colorized.

The work here is pretty dang sweet! This vintage Fleischer Studios cartoon, originally distributed by Paramount Pictures, springs back to life! Direction is by Dave Fleischer, with Jack Mercer supplying vocals for Popeye and Mae Questal for Olive Oyl.

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A Merry Fleischer Christmas

Liberals might be trying to ban every Christmas carol and Yuletide practice, but none of that bah humbug applies here at Stormy. We celebrate Christmas and bask in the spirit of warmth the holiday brings at the coldest time of the year.

Here, for your amusement, we offer Christmas Comes But Once a Year, an original 1936 color cartoon from Fleischer Studios, working under the auspices of Paramount. The storyline: Orphans get broken toys for Christmas, so Professor Grampy comes to the rescue.

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In My Merry Oldsmobile

In this Fleischer Studios sing-along adult cartoon, there is a a surprising amount of sexual imagery and sexual innuendo.The Fleischer Studios, of course, gave us Betty Boop as well as Popeye and Koko the Clown. This cartoon is originally from 1931.

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