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Dr. Fauci Gets A Holiday

Yes, Dr. Fauci gets a holiday — as he continues to lie to us all. He’s the Patron Saint of Wuhan. Face it, there isn’t a flip Fauci hasn’t made. And he’s even made several flops. More from Sinatra Says.

5 Biggest Turkeys Of The Week

In honoring the Thanksgiving holiday theme, Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield brings us the five biggest turkeys of the week in the political spectrum. And right smack at the top of the list is Bumblin’ Joe Biden. While delivering his Thanksgiving Day message to the nation off a teleprompter, Biden came to complete stop when attempting to figure out the word “psalm.” Though he professes to be a devout Roman Catholic, he didn’t succeed, instead saying, “the palmist.” And you say he wants to lead our nation? Not happening.

Stinchfield features four more turkeys–three of them lame Democrats and one turncoat RINO–including beleaguered California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Tune in to hear the gobbledygook.

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Thanksgiving Canceled?

Liberals continue their attacks on nuclear families and holidays. Now, they are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to try to cancel Thanksgiving. They will never be happy, nor will they allow Americans any freedom again. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest edicts from California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, among other Democratic fiends. More from Mark Dice.

Trump Gives Workers A Break

President Donald Trump gave federal workers something they hadn’t enjoyed since 1935. He granted them a paid day of leave for Christmas Eve. So they got off two days this week! Maybe a few more of them will appreciate his leadership. We’ll see. More from Lisa Haven.

Parade That Ended the World

Tanks but no tanks. How President Trump made the Democrats look like a bunch of shriveling weasels as they badmouthed the military and our Independence Day. That’s a party that is headed nowhere fast. More from RazorFist.

Liberals Ruin Christmas

NOT CHRISTMAS! Why must liberals ruin everything?! Hunter Avallone wants answers.

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A Merry Fleischer Christmas

Liberals might be trying to ban every Christmas carol and Yuletide practice, but none of that bah humbug applies here at Stormy. We celebrate Christmas and bask in the spirit of warmth the holiday brings at the coldest time of the year.

Here, for your amusement, we offer Christmas Comes But Once a Year, an original 1936 color cartoon from Fleischer Studios, working under the auspices of Paramount. The storyline: Orphans get broken toys for Christmas, so Professor Grampy comes to the rescue.

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Halloween Is Canceled

That’s right. Halloween is getting canceled at many schools run by Liberals because they can’t fathom any holidays, but especially not holidays where kids have fun. Red Pill Black lets us know: “Holidays and politics don’t mix.”

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Meanwhile, we’d like to address the smear campaign that some so-called “alt-right” spokesmen have waged against Red Pill Black’s Candace Owens. These naysayers speak for no one except themselves. Some are bona fide racists. Some are agitators trying to divide conservatives. As a group, they should be shunned or told where to go stick it. Bombard’s Body Language analyzes Candace’s appearance on InfoWars, and we agree with their assessment: She is honest and direct, and need not apologize or cater to her detractors.



Love Is In the Air

As you would expect, roses and chocolates figure in Alltime 10s crazy facts about Valentine’s Day. But what you wouldn’t expect, so does our 26th President Teddy Roosevelt.

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The History of Christmas

“The History of Christmas,” a production by the History Channel, details interesting facts about our most celebrated holiday. For instance, did you know that the birth of the Christ Child was a mystery because the Bible never mentions when he was born. Since pagan Rome already celebrated the birth of Mithra on December 25, it is theorized that the church adopted the date as the brith of the Christ Child. In the fourth century, the church made it official, declaring December 25 as the Feast Day of the Nativity.

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