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Grafitti Of The Knights Templar

The assumption that first-hand evidence of the Knights Templars’ mysteries was erased along with the structure of their organization has been perpetuated by so many Templar books, that many researchers, scholars included, entirely ignore or skate-over the fact that the Templars actually did leave behind some startling indications of their thoughts in the form of stone-carved graffiti in prisons where they were held following the suppression in 1307. There is some in the dungeon at Warwick Castle in England and at Chinon castle in France.

Could there be secret messages coded into these strange carvings, left behind by desperate Templars? More from Zohar Stargate’s Ancient Discoveries.


It’s Racist To Clean Up

It’s now racist to clean up vandalism or graffiti. Here, some women are cleaning a Federal office in Washington DC that the protesting Black Lives Matter gang tagged.

Who should drop by but an obnoxious Social Justice Warrior who starts to berate the women for not leaving the graffiti alone.

You see, this dumbass thinks that cleaning up the mess means you don’t listen to the voices of black people.

Next time, someone should tag this bitch’s home. Let’s see how long before she cleans it up! Skanky Karen!

What else is racist? Disney’s Splash Mountain. Now, CNN is trying to get Splash Mountain banned or changed because it’s based on Song of the South, which the network has deemed racist. Will the Leftists ever be happy? What will they want to ban next? Time to shut these mofos down for good. More from Geeks + Gamers.



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