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Trebek’s Replacement Chosen

The executive producers of the wildly popular gameshow “Jeopardy” have chosen their man to replace the late Alex Trebek, who died of pancreatic cancer earlier this year after a 37-year run on the show.

Admitting it was a difficult decision, those in charge considered such luminaries as Betty White, LeVar Burton and Anderson Cooper, but eventually settled on a familiar face. See who they chose in the following segment of Facts Verse.


Ginsburg on the Decline

Yesterday it was revealed that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July and was successfully treated at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

In a statement it was said that she is clear and has no traces of the disease in her body.

But nonetheless this is Justice Ginsburg’s fourth bout with cancer and she was injured earlier in the year. Democrats, Liberals, and the far left are worried that if she passes before the 2020 election Trump may appoint not only a third Justice but maybe even a Fourth Supreme Court justice as Stephen Breyer is 81, though seemingly in good health.

Even if Justice Ginsburg can make it past 2020 Trump is likely to be reelected, she and Breyer would need to make it past 2024 in order to get more liberal justices on the court. More from Tim Pool.

Liberals like Michael Moore are in a state of panic as Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s days on the Supreme Court are coming to an end. Dr. Steve Turley shares the news.

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