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Archie Bunker And the Doctor

Archie Bunker, legendary comedic icon of the 1970s, saunters back into the lighter side of life with a snippet from a classic episode. Archie, marooned in the hospital awaiting an operation, gets the shock of his life when the doctor pays him a visit to prep him for surgery. Not only is the good doctor black and from the West Indies, she’s a woman!

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Owens Owns Racist Broadcaster

Candace Owens, communications director for Turning Point USA, calmly shows how the tenor of Krystal Ball’s interview involves a heavy helping of racism. Ball is aghast that Owens is pointing her out as a racist, but it’s actually Ball herself who does so.

Says Owens, “If you don’t look at me according to the color of my skin you would simply ask me how I thought President Trump was doing, but instead you try to drum up a conversation that’s SURROUNDED by race.” Would be nice to see Candace as the first black woman to serve as president: she is that cool and smart.

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Fuzzy Math, Bunker Style

Confusion reigns supreme when the Bunkers and the neighboring Jeffersons attempt to sort out some minor debts. It all starts when Archie unknowingly hands over a counterfeit $20 bill to Mr. Jefferson to pay for some dry cleaning. Check out the wacky outcome, and please return to LOL next Tuesday for another stroll through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed this video. In its absence, we present another short clip where Archie Bunker and The Jeffersons interact.)

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