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Archie Bunker And the Doctor

Archie Bunker, legendary comedic icon of the 1970s, saunters back into the lighter side of life with a snippet from a classic episode. Archie, marooned in the hospital awaiting an operation, gets the shock of his life when the doctor pays him a visit to prep him for surgery. Not only is the good doctor black and from the West Indies, she’s a woman!

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Comedy Ain’t What It Used To Be

Mark Dice offers a quick essay on changing mores in comedy — how what used to be funny is now considered outdated or moronic or reprehensible by today’s Liberal censors. It’s not even just the far-out stuff they are trying to ban, but comedy scenes from Seinfeld, All in the Family, even Saturday Night Live. Little will survive these twisted Michelangelos.


Trump Is Bunker…So What?

Gavin McInnes of explains that when Norman Lear invented “Archie Bunker,” his attempt at leftwing propaganda backfired.

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He Tried to Warn Us

Everyone always maintained that Archie Bunker was a parody of the right-wing bigot, but it’s interesting how many of the points he raised proved to be 100 percent correct. Listen as Archie warns us about gun control, offering up the history of what happened when the Communists seized Russia.

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Bunker Goes Off On Democrats

Fed up with Washington and politicians, Archie Bunker rails on the plight of the Democratic Party in this classic edition of “All in the Family.” Archie tells Edith, “The Democrats are going to have us over the hill to the poorhouse. And we ain’t going to be able to drive over there ’cause we ain’t got no gas, we’re going to have to walk it.” Check out Bunker’s rant in this special edition of LOL and the lighter side of life.

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Archie vs. Maude

Conservative Archie Bunker trades barbs with the very liberal Maude over the exploits of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The scene stands out as one of the classics from the long-running TV series All in the Family.

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Fuzzy Math, Bunker Style

Confusion reigns supreme when the Bunkers and the neighboring Jeffersons attempt to sort out some minor debts. It all starts when Archie unknowingly hands over a counterfeit $20 bill to Mr. Jefferson to pay for some dry cleaning. Check out the wacky outcome, and please return to LOL next Tuesday for another stroll through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed this video. In its absence, we present another short clip where Archie Bunker and The Jeffersons interact.)

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Archie Bunker Disses Obama

America’s favorite conservative, Archie Bunker, takes on President Obama from the comfort of his living-room recliner. Among his many pithy points, was his stance on welfare. When a government representative asks Bunker, “What have you got against welfare,” he replies:¬† “”Everything. I’m sick and tired of people like you, giving away my hard-earned money to a bunch of families who ain’t even related to me.”

The ever-persuasive Bunker also opines on the economy, taxes and gun control. See you back here on LOL next Tuesday, as we cruise through another edition of the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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Christmas with Archie Bunker

The always-unpredictable Archie Bunker enjoys some Christmas cheer–or jeer, in Archie’s case–with wife Edith, daughter Gloria and son-in-law Michael “Meathead” Stivic in this unforgettable episode of All in the Family. The Bunkers also welcome¬† “panhandling” carolers, as Archie calls them, and Black Santa Claus. Please join us next Tuesday on LOL, as we launch a brand new year on the lighter side of life. Merry Christmas! — The Wickel

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