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Elon Musk Fan Support Group

For all those of you recently off the Musk train. More from Ryan Long.


Who’s Flying The Plane?

President Donald Trump is pilot for a plane due to land, but the dumbo Democrats keep brushing him off, and gumming up the works. More from The United Spot.

I Am Always On Your Mind

President Donald Trump sings out to the Democrats. He was always on their mind. More from The United Spot.

Joe Biden Vs. Catholicism

A very Catholic president (who doesn’t believe in anything Catholic) is bullied by a very mean bishop who thinks words have meanings. More from FreedomToons.

Global Warming

The number one threat to our military is global warming. It’s time we do something about it. More from Tiberius Maximus.

The Joe And Putin Show

Joe Biden meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. Joe is proud. He can still spell D-O-G! More from The United Spot.


Too Old To Be Kicking Cans

What can you do when you’re too old to be kicking cans? Is there an age when you should give up wrecking property? More from Ryan Long and friends.

Big Brands Get Woke

We’re a massive corporation and we’re gonna change the world with our hashtags : ) More from FreedomToons.

Stuntman Asks Out Co-Worker

Stuntman Incredible Jack (Kevin Ryan) asks out a co-worker. Will he stick a landing or be rebuffed? If he is rebuffed, will his faux pas cost him his job? How about a blowup on the Internet? Let’s watch Incredible Jack as he attempts a death-defying leap of faith. More from Ryan Long, with sidekick Danny Polishchuk.

Happy Birthday To You

Having botched up the entire country in just a matter of a few months, the Democratic horde breaks down and wishes a happy 75th birthday to 45 — Donald J. Trump. Nancy Pelosi leads the chorus, but even the nutball dingbats like AOC are adding some chops. More from The United Spot.


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