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Blogger Pleads For His Job!

Where will he find work if no one buys Vice?  More from Ryan Long.

Girl Vs. Guy Motivation

Here are the differences between girl and guy motivation. More from Ryan Long, with a guest appearance by Jeremiah Watkins.

Everyone Loves Jokes

Watch as the cast of The Kyle Dunnigan Show tells Chris Rock’s untold jokes, delivering more laughs in one episode than Saturday Night Live does in an entire season.

Here, the focus is on the disreputable Oscars broadcast, laid to waste by the likes of Lady Gaga and Will Smith.

Kyle Dunnigan appears as multiple Hollywood hit men, including Sylvester Stallone, Alec Baldwin and Jeff Goldblum. Featuring guest appearances by Jessica Montes, Kurt Metzger and John Bush. Not Safe for Work, owing to the Oscar interludes.


He Brings His Girl Everywhere

What happens when the boys assemble in a warehouse loft to plan a robbery and one of the boys brings along his girlfriend. More from Ryan Long.

Twitter Suspends Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee comedy site has been suspended from Twitter after it named Rachel Levine “Man Of The Year.” Rachel Levine is the Biden administration official — the assistant secretary for health — who earlier was named “Woman of the Year” by USA Today. Twitter says it will restore The Babylon Bee if it deletes the Tweet about Levine but, so far, The Babylon Bee is holding tight. More from The Quartering.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been permanently banned by Twitter for the past year. We’re not only surviving, we are thriving, no thanks to the doctrinaire leftist censors at Twitter.)

The CEO of The Babylon Bee appeared Monday night on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and said he has no intention of deleting the tweet. The truth is not “hate speech,” said Seth Dillon, adding “we’re not deleting anything.” Doctrinaire outfits like Twitter — with their rabid censorship demands — are killing comedy, he said.

My Struggles As An Immigrant

Ryan Long relates his struggles as a Canadian in America, the land that viciously turns its back on maple syrup comedy. End Canadian hate!


Conspiracy Theories, No More!

Just as the mask mandates are ending and the coronavirus pandemic appears to be over, Saturday Night Live finally tackles the jaw-breaking hypocrisy and phony propaganda surrounding these mandates, vaccines and Covid-19. This “timely” comedy takes place over a dinnertime talk among a group of friends.


Escaping Prisoners

Just For Laughs makes its way into the lighter side of life with a gut-splitting compilation of gags, featuring escaping prisoners. Video courtesy of Just For Laughs Gags.

Top 10 Fatal Selfie Accidents

Everyone’s dying to be famous. Literally. People are out here killing themselves for the perfect selfie. More from What’s Her Face.

Mass Formation Psychosis

Mass formation psychosis is alleged to be a method of mind control that tyrannical rulers use over the people. In truth though, mass formation psychosis is a right wing conspiracy theory. It’s obviously not true along with 100% of all words that right wing people say. Here are five things you need to know! More from AwakenwithJP.

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