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Blogger Trump Withdrawal

Comedian Ryan Long introduces us to the tribulations that Lefties everywhere are now suffering: Blogger Trump withdrawal.

Explaining Pandemic To Myself

It’s been exactly one whole year of forest fires, murder hornets, pandemics, isolations, protests, quarantines, elections, vaccines, and riots and yet here we find ourselves, back at the beginning… What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the January 2020 version of myself? More from Julia Nolke.


Buddy Hackett Uncensored

Check out legendary comedian Buddy Hackett like you’ve never seen him–live, bawdy and totally uncensored. In this vintage clip, Hackett has the crowd in stitches with his raunchy jokes at Caesars Atlantic City, as we delve into another episode of the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Stumpy Pedisco’s Data Cloaca.

Groucho Gets Rattled!

In this “You Bet Your Life” game-show classic from 1955, Groucho Marx finds a perfect foil in the crazy-eyed Albert Hall. He spends most of the interview pretending to be scared for his life. An absolute gem in this edition of the lighter side of life. The video is courtesy of the Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life archives.

Paint Like A Coke Employee

You, too, can paint like a Coca Cola employee. Here’s a handy lesson from John Ross. More from John Burke.

How Companies Advertise Now

You are the problem and don’t forget it. More from Ryan Long.

Why Did AOC Lie?

Why did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lie like a rug about her experiences in the Capitol riot? Listen as AwakenWithJP explains her traumatic encounter.

You Laugh You Lose

If you laugh you lose. Good luck. More from Zeducation.

Heaven: I Knew It

We take a trip to the Pearly Gates in this segment of the lighter side of life, where the latest arrival from Earth is not surprised he made it Heaven. Find out what happens when an annoyed St. Peter has had enough of the gentleman’s bloviating. Courtesy of the Pete Holmes channel.

Are Animals Getting Offended?

Do you call people “chicken,” “rats,” or “pigs?” PETA says animals are getting offended. Which raises the question: Are we getting dumber? More from AwakenWithJP.

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