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Hippocratic Woke

A racist hospital will prioritize white patients last. We kid you not! More from The Salty Cracker.

What the MSM Is Hiding

Lisa Haven says the mainstream media is eager to scare you because they want you clicking to watch their videos and go to their websites. But they are invariably pushing a Globalist and New World Order agenda. What they are hiding about Covid-19 is critical. Here, she gets into the truth and the story behind how bad our hospital problem really is.

Archie Bunker And the Doctor

Archie Bunker, legendary comedic icon of the 1970s, saunters back into the lighter side of life with a snippet from a classic episode. Archie, marooned in the hospital awaiting an operation, gets the shock of his life when the doctor pays him a visit to prep him for surgery. Not only is the good doctor black and from the West Indies, she’s a woman!

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Paul Pelosi: Hunter Biden Redux

Most of you have heard about the big crooked deals that Hunter Biden had in the Ukraine and China. These are deals that brought him not thousands, but millions of dollars. For what? Hard to say, although likely these deals involved Hunter Biden lending his influence over bigger fish, say, Joe Biden.

Well, now, we’re learning that just like Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr. also had lucrative deals in place overseas. Who’s Paul Pelosi Jr., you ask?  The son of Nancy “let them eat ice cream” Pelosi!

Here, McAllister TV explains how Hunter and Paul worked, and also gets into the latest for-profit exercise in New York City hospitals: Killing people for $$$!

America’s super-rich keep on getting more wealthy while the rest of us are all losing ground. Soon there will be no middle class left — only the wealthy and the poor controlled by the wealthy. Here, We Are Change talks about what the super-rich are plotting next. They never stop!

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Think Tesla. As we rediscover the value of ultraviolet light, what other buried and forgotten technologies will arise to aid us in the future? The restructuring of our everyday life is under way. More from TRUreporting.

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Made In China

What’s the first rule of the virus club? You don’t talk about the virus club.  More from The Truth Factory.

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Jamie Dlux brings us Ventilator! Are New York City hospitals offing patients so they can reap more COVID-19 money? Creepy times!

Wrong again, doctor! Mark Dice reviews the many journalists and even medical doctors who have falsely claimed UV light can’t help control the coronavirus. These are people who aren’t aware of their own professions, let alone what’s happening in China, where UV light was definitely among the weapons used to fight COVID-19.

The viral video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference is missing . . . from YouTube. But it’s still on the web? Can you find it? Take James Corbett’s challenge and find the video, save the video to your hard drive, and then tell other people how you did it in today’s hands-on edition of The Corbett Report.



Why The Hospitals Are Failing

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Jeffrey A. Tucker (American Institute for Economic Research) about freedom and liberty in a time of government imposed lockdown. Jeffrey discusses how the lockdown is a result of government failures in every area. From over-regulating the medical industry to tariffs on masks, from states’ over-reliance on the Strategic National Stockpile to not having enough ventilators. Jeffrey sees these issues being primarily caused by governments failed interventions and the failures of the CDC and FDA. He believes that in a crisis we need to give individuals and professionals the freedom to respond in the way that they feel is best.

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Women Fare Better On Virus

A doctor explains why women are outperforming men against the coronavirus. It’s a scientific explanation that Mr. Obvious cites and reflects upon.

The mass media says hospitals are overwhelmed. The reality is far different. Of course, we’ve all heard the media lie many times before. More from Lisa Haven.

Deep State Doctor. That’s the title of the latest video from Lions Republic Entertainment, calling for close monitoring of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

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In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the impact of the shutdowns and lockdowns on the mental health of our neighbors. From Depression, domestic abuse, and the stress response to a sudden deprivation of normalcy and touch deficit.

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Secret Underground Bunkers

The war being waged now is not against the coronavirus but against a powerful elite that wanted to detonate nuclear weapons to wipe out the population of the planet. Well, they did not want to wipe out everyone — just the vast majority of people living on the surface of the planet. What they wanted to preserve was a small, elite group that would dwell in some 275 underground cities spread across the United States. The largest of these cities can house 40,000 to 60,000 people.

Here, David Wilcock describes these cities, who runs them, the technology they command, and their heinous plot, foiled by President Donald Trump. Presumably there are many other underground cities beneath other nations around the world. Much remains to be discovered in the weeks and months ahead.

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It appears the prediction of 10 days of darkness pertained to the military seizing these underground sites. Pure evil is about to be exposed to the world, says the X22 Report. Why are the hospitals being prepped? Why do we need ventilators? Why are the Mercy and Comfort in the ports? Why has the censorship been removed from Google? How do you bring the country together: Children. More from Daniel Lee at dnajilon7.

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CirstenW offers news updates, including a fire in Ft. Myers, Fla., that destroys a few hundred vehicles, the canoe death of a member of the Kennedy clan and the reported illness of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Also, support is building for an arrest of Bill Gates, whose advocacy of vaccines is tied directly to his connections with the New World Order.

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Corps Plans Makeshift Hospitals

The Army Corps of Engineers describes how it will convert convention centers, abandoned hotels and other large, open spaces into makeshift hospitals to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these spaces will house patients suffering from the Chinese virus, while other makeshift hospitals will house non-virus patients uprooted from existing hospitals. There will be different situations in different places, depending on each state’s needs and the scope of the outbreak. The briefing comes from Army Lt. Gen. Todd T. Semonite, commander of the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Is the mass media telling us the truth about the severity of the coronavirus crisis inside New York City? If so, why have walk-bys outside major hospitals by Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth showed quite limited activity, nothing like the buzz and ringing death that the media or Gov. Andrew Cuomo have suggested?

Here, to get at the facts, Goodman talks with Kevin Shipp, former CIA officer and the author of From the Company of Shadows. This is a book that describes the nature of CIA operations, the protection of refugees and recruitment of agents. Shipp quit the CIA during the Bush administration when he observed many standards breaking down and deceitful practices becoming more commonplace.

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AI Will Liberate Doctors

With the rapid advancement of technology in medicine, hospitals are sure to see the influx of artificial intelligence in their ERs and labs. Machines will play a vital role in helping physicians analyze data and spot abnormalities in X-rays and MRI scans that doctors might have missed. This, in turn, will free up time for doctors to establish better relations with their patients. Eric Topol, professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, tells us more in this episode of Big Think.

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