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Push For Absolute Slavery

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state. In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Christian Westbrook breaks The “Absolute Zero” plan and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day to meet these dystopian goals for Travel, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Food. We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language: Absolute Slavery.

The Skeptical Environmentalist

Instead of throwing away money on “feel-good” initiatives like recycling and building wind turbines to curb global warming, Danish environmental writer Bjorn Lomborg says there are plenty of less sexy and less costly projects that could be undertaken that would have a much more dramatic and positive environmental impact. Lomborg, the author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, shares his ideas here with New York Times science columnist John Tierney.

“The thing that blows my mind is that we spend so much money on feeling good,” says Lomborg. “I would like us to do stuff that actually works.”  The two appeared for a talk at New York’s Museum of Sex, sponsored by the Reason Foundation.

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