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Push For Absolute Slavery

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state. In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Christian Westbrook breaks The “Absolute Zero” plan and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day to meet these dystopian goals for Travel, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Food. We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language: Absolute Slavery.

Face It! We’re All Screwed!

Today, every American got screwed, conned or duped. Not only by the GOP, but also by the FBI, the CIA, the media, the schools and colleges, and Big Tech. Is there a worthy institution left in America or is it time to burn most of these to the ground? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Jobless claims have dropped. Continuous jobless claims have dropped. More and more states are opening up and businesses are coming back. Jobs are coming back. The economy is growing. GM building a plant in Michigan. Manufacturing is coming back. Existing homes sales blow past estimates. Co-Founder of Home Depot says Joe Biden will raise your taxes. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have been hit very hard. They are feeling pain. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are in the cross hairs. This is not a drill. More booms coming. The [DS] has just pushed out a False Flag and it failed big time. The [DS] is trapped. There is no escape. The Biden connection is deep and wide. Nothing can escape this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

Biden’s crime family exposed. More Big Tech racketeering. Ghislaine Maxwell’s unsealed court documents. More from JustInformed Talk.

Trump Will Not Be Owned

Donald Trump continues to electrify crowds across the country, but establishment Republicans claim it’s because of the abundance of low-information voters. Not so, says political commentator Joe Dan Gorman, and he intends to prove it. “Donald Trump is not your ordinary politician,” he says. “I don’t think anybody would possibly dispute that. But a lot (of people) suggest it’s a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing, and he’s defying all the laws of the political universe. His ideas: A sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals. These are not radical ideas, These are common-sense ideas.” Tune in as Gorman makes his case for The Donald in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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