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The Mood Has Shifted

I happen to rant based on mood. This mood is called ‘morning mist’. More from RazorFist.

Little Guys Tame Wall Street

In a seldom seen scenario on Wall Street, the “little guys” turned the proverbial tables on the “big boys.” The big winners were WallStreetBets, a subreddit on Reddit that focuses on stocks that are overshorted by greedy hedge funds whose only goal is to destroy a company and make tons of cash doing it.

In a series of transactions that drew worldwide attention in the financial industry, WallStreetBets invested heavily in GameStop, much to the chagrin of London-based White Square Capital, which bet against the American consumer electronics and video-gaming firm. The final tally: WallStreetBets crushed the hedge fund, forcing them to shut down following double-digit percentage losses. Says Mr. Obvious, “The rich guys are losing and the little guy is winning. That’s what this is all about. We’re tired of corruption on Wall Street, we’re tired of a fake stock market.” And, he adds, many other hedge-fund firms have folded under the same circumstances. Here’s more.

Brock’s Bunch Pushing Murder

David Brock and his group of meth-addicted PEDOS, were going to DOX and “SETH RICH” Trump supporters on various boards like Reddit, 4 Chan and 8Kun! Take a look at Brock’s sketchy history, where even the filthy DEMOCRATS are calling this guy our for being a sleaze, BUT THE BIGGEST QUESTION that LOOMS in the air is:  Who WAS that woman posing as Hillary Clinton during the DEBATES? More from McAllister TV.

REDDIT Bans SuperStraights

It didn’t take long. Earlier this week, we reported on the emergence of the #SuperStraights on REDDIT, 4Chan and elsewhere. Already, REDDIT has banned these surly dudes. Either REDDIT has completely validated the meme or you just can’t be straight if you’re on the Internet. More from The Salty Cracker.

Who Are The Silver Shorters?

Road to Roota offers a rundown on the firms that have been shorting silver and holding down the prices of the precious metal for many years. Almost all of these firms are gigantic banking conglomerates like Barclays Capital Inc., Goldman Sachs & Company and ABN AMRO Clearing. The only big non-banking firm involved is Virtu Financial, run by Vincent Viola, once the chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange. who else used to run NYMEX? Why, Bernie Madoff, before leaving to form Madoff Investment Securities!

Bix Weir returns to SGTReport to document the multi-decade international banking silver rigging scheme and the Reddit-Wall Streets Bets move to break it. As Zero Hedge notes, the establishment can print all the paper silver it wants, but there is no physical supply… and that likely ends badly for those attempting to suppress reality for too long.

Hedge Fund Scalped $4.5 Billion

WallStreetBets is WINNING the war against greedy SHORT SELLING hedge funds. Melvin Capital lost 53% of its assets, losing $4.5 Billion in January alone. The Reddit Army, Gamers and working people have exposed that the game is rigged. Exchanges like Robinhood have restricted people’s ability to trade stocks like GME. POWER TO THE PLAYERS. More from Mr. Obvious.


Can the little guys teaming together bring down the corrupt system? Here, McAllister TV and Dustin Nemos examine the GameStop silver bullet! Has REDDIT stabbed the Central Bankers in the heart and made them cry?

WE’RE BACK! Voters are waking up to the truth about Joe Biden. Steven has a list of “Republicans” who are dead to him. Plus, that lawsuit we were talking about… Steven Crowder is back on Louder with Crowder.


Wall Street In A Panic

Redditors are making Wall Street panic and getting rich in the process. It’s something Trump fans and Leftists can agree upon — sticking it to the man! More from Vincent James at The Red Elephants.

Deplatforming works. Yeah, it works great for Wall Street. Paul Joseph Watson rails against Big Tech and corporate media smearing WallStreetBets as racist.

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Queens For The Day

Was Ghislaine Maxwell secretly operating one of the most secretive REDDIT accounts of all time? But the bigger question: Why did she and Kevin Spacey sit in the thrones of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? More from Jamie Dlux.

Prince Andrew has nowhere to hide! Ghislaine Maxwell has the tapes!  In this video, we give you the latest and most important updates in the child trafficking ring case, including whether Ghislaine Maxwell might have tapes of Prince Andrew. More from We Are Change.

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Silicon Valley Girl

Former REDDIT CEO Ellen Pao says when she went to Silicon Valley parties attended by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, everyone knew they indulged in underage sex. If so, why did Pao push censorship against those of us pointing out the pedophile tendencies of the Globalist elites? More from Jamie Dlux.

Ghislaine Moved To Brooklyn

Ghislaine Maxwell has been moved to New York, where she is now incarcerated at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. Some have described this jail as a “third-world hell hole,” and Maxwell could remain in custody there for months awaiting trial. Meanwhile, she has hired as her defense attorney Christian Everdell, the lawyer who as a prosecutor, helped to put down El Chapo.

In another new development, Ellen Pao, the former CEO of REDDIT, says she was invited to a Silicon Valley party in 2011 attended by Maxwell. At the time, says Pao, word was circulating that Maxwell had helped to supply underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. More from We Are Change.

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