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Colombia Pushed To Spray

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: Self-Driving Cars Will Stop For Police, Roll Down Your Windows, Unlock Your Doors
  • Story #2: Reuters, BBC Participated In Covert UK-Funded Programs to “Weaken Russia”
  • Story #3: Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program


The Self-Driving Car

Famous or being the first hacker to jailbreak the iPhone at 17, George Hotz is taking on Waymo, Tesla, and Uber in the race to build the first fully operational self-driving car. He now says he can make your car drive itself for under $1,000.

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The Future is Here

Fasten your seat belts world, because futuristic technology is about to blow your mind. Try driverless automobiles. The concept is right around the corner. Fact is, it’s already here. Google’s driverless cars have already driven 700,000 autonomous miles without a single accident, and a recently introduced prototype can operate safely without a steering wheel, acceleration or brake pedals and not a smidgen of human intervention. Some of these revolutionary autos are expected to hit the market as early as 2015. Hybrid Librarian lifts the lid on nine other mind-blowing technologies about to emerge.

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Who’s Behind the Wheel?

Dan Neil, automotive columnist for the Wall Street Journal, reports on the latest technological breakthroughs paving the way toward driverless cars. Neil says the advent of these vehicles will quadruple the carrying capacity of our existing network of roads and highways. Autopiloted vehicles also could mean less loss due to automobile accidents, which now cost Americans $300 billion annually.

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