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America’s Relationship Map

Not married? Ever wonder where all the singles are? Turns out most singles live in frigid Alaska. Trisha Hershberger and William Haynes dissect America’s relationship map in this edition of SourceFed.

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Sea Monster is Missing Link

Scientists say the discovery of Cartorhynchus-Lenticarpus, the first amphibious sea monster ever found, is indeed the missing link between land reptiles and aquatic reptiles from the Jurassic Period. In this edition of SourceFed, Joe Bereta gives us more on the reptile that has been dead for 248 million years.

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Ancient Mayan Cities Found

Researchers from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts have uncovered a pair of gems in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Archaeologists unearthed the ancient Mayan city of Tamchen, deep in the Yucatan jungle, then rediscovered Lagunita nearby. Lagunita was originally discovered in the 1970s but its exact location was never recorded. Joe Bereta and Trisha Hershberger dish out the details in this edition of SourceFed.

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A Sinkhole Treasure Trove

A normal sinkhole discovered in Wyoming in the 1970s turned out to be chock-full of ancient treasures. The sinkhole was discovered at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming and dubbed The Natural Trap Cave. Before the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) placed a grill over the top of the cave to protect the public, scientists rappeled to the bottom of the naturally cold environs to find several well-preserved remains of animals who plunged to their deaths from 12,000 to 23,000 years ago. Hosts Joe Bereta and Steve Zaragoza delve deeper into this story in this edition of SourceFed.

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Robo Friends Have Arrived

Eat your cartoon heart out George Jetson. In this edition of SourceFed, host Trisha Hershberger tells us that the world’s first robot assistant has arrived. Maybe not quite as sophisticated as Rosie the Robot of The Jetsons fame, but Hershberger says, “The reality of a somewhat affordable home robot/assistant companion is on the horizon.” She says the robot will come with a speedy processor, voice and facial recognition, sound isolation technology and an LCD touch screen. What else can we ask for?

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Sex and the World Cup

Sex or no sex?That’s the topic dominating conversation among international teams competing for soccer’s highest honor in Brazil. Should players be allowed to have sex? Will sex improve or deflate their performance on the field? SourceFed’s Joe Bereta takes a stab at providing some answers.

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Our Missing Link

Remains of a teenage girl who tumbled into an abyss in Mexico 12,000 years ago could provide vital clues into who our first Americans were. Melting water from the last Ice Age entombed her in the cave, creating the proper environment for her preservation. Scientists say her pristine remains were surrounded by remnants of her past and her genetic footprint is expected to shed light on our forefathers. SourceFed’s Joe Bereta reports on the discovery.

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Largest Lawsuit Ever

It used to be that lawsuits reaching six figures would drop your jaw. And those in the seven-figure range were absolutely shocking. Well fans, a New York gentleman–if you want to call him that–is suing a long list of defendants for $2 undecillion. To put the figure in perspective, that’s a 2 followed by 36 zeroes. SourceFed’s Lee Newton and Joe Bereta fill in the details.

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Beam Me Up, Scotty

The Mars rover, Curiosity, has snapped some amazing photos of the Red Planet since touching down in a large crater in 2012. Now comes a photo transmission that blows the mind and has scientists searching for answers–or, hiding its contents. The photo show the barren Martian landscape with what appears to be a light beam shooting up from the ground. In this edition of SourceFed, Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan speculate on what the image is.

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Cloning a Wooly Mammoth

Jurassic Park here we come! Scientists are excited over a nearly perfectly preserved wooly mammoth specimen discovered in the New Siberian Islands of the Arctic Sea. The female mammoth hasn’t seen the light of day in 43,000 years, but is so well preserved that scientists say the prospect of extracting strong blood and tissue samples are excellent. Join SourceFed’s Joe Bereta and Elliott Morgan discuss the surprise discovery.

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