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Spot Goes On A Rampage

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: Thousands Reportedly Attempt to Obtain Easily Forged Vaccinated Certificate
  • Story #2: GameStop Stock Explodes Again Following Board Member’s Tweet
  • Story #3: Pranksters Show How Horrifying Boston Dynamics’ Police Robot Dog Is By Strapping Paintball Gun To It

Do You Love Me?

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

Ancient Dreams Of Technology

Millennia before engineering or software, robots and artificial intelligence were brought to life in Greek myths. The author of Gods and Robots Myths, Machines, and Ancient Dreams of Technology traces the link between technology and tyranny from modern day concerns over AI to back to antiquities fear of beings were “made, not born.”

Adrienne Mayor:… is a folklorist and historian of ancient science who investigates natural knowledge contained in pre-scientific myths and oral traditions. She teaches at Stanford University.


Space Laser Weapons Revealed

Mark Esper, the Secretary of the Department of Defense, on Wednesday acknowledged that a new sphere of weaponry has opened up — directed energy weapons, shot from high-flying aircraft or even from satellite systems in outer space. Esper confirmed China and Russia possess and are using directed energy weapons (DEW) in space. It’s clear that the United States is doing the same. In fact, we have found videos of the Air Force discussing its directed energy weaponry. We’ll run one of those informative videos below, as well as another video on autonomous weaponry. Those are essentially robots or other mechanical systems that can replace humans in combat zones. Esper said there have been major new advances with these systems as well.

How do these weapons work? What kinds of destruction can they sow? Have any of these weapons been a factor behind any of the forest fires we’ve seen burning across the Pacific Northwest? We’re not going to be able to provide answers for quite some time, but here, we offer a video from the Air Force Research Lab that begins to provide a framework for understanding what these directed energy weapons can do.

Robots will fight the wars of tomorrow. More from Vox.


Transhumanism And You

FROM 2008: It promises a fantastic future in which humans overcome disease, aging, and even death. It just requires us to take the final step and merge fully with machines. But it’s secret past in crypto-eugenics reveals a darker future, one in which a GenRich elite rule over the GenPoor masses. Are you ready to give up your humanity? More from the James Corbett Report Extras.

Wanker Celebs Exploit Kung Flu

The usual assortment of Hollywood and New York celebrity wankers are trying to exploit the Kung Flu to push their rancid environmental agenda. Everyone’s already forgotten about Greta Thunberg, but Madonna and Robert DeNiro have chimed in, hawking the climate change nonsense. How long before we hear from Michael Moore? Here’s Meme the Left with the news.

In Great Britain, it’s the Cuckdown! Pubs are closed, borders open! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

We Are Change takes us to Singapore, where roving robots are enforcing social distancing. The robots walk the parks and the streets, and ensure people are not congregating or in close contact. US police have quietly bought into this plan, and some departments are bringing these robots stateside.

Something bizarre happened with COVID-19. Do blood types and genes determine your hospital fate? There are few scientific studies as of yet. But one, out of China, suggests that individuals with the blood type A are much more prone to have severe COVID-19 reactions. More from Lisa Haven.


The First Living Robot

Researchers in the U.S. have created the first living robot–the Xenobot, which is less than one millimeter in size and made entirely of organic cellular material. It’s actually a life form that has never existed before. The long-term implications of Xenobots is massive, especially for our health. Imagine a swarm of Xenobots, made from your own cells, sent to your brain to help remove a brain tumor. Or perhaps using these bots to clean out plaque in your arteries. Host Mitch Moffit brings us more from AsapSCIENCE.

Robo Orgasms

Gwyneth Paltrow introduces us to her new pleasure: Robo orgasms. Yes, the Liberals have sunk even further. Now, their world consists of drugs, demonic possessions and public Os. More from Stefan Molyneux.


Where Are Epstein Accomplices?

Epstein Update Media Interviews And Where Are The Accomplices? More from Jason Bermas.

Jay Myers Documentaries introduces Jeffrey Epstein protegee Ghislaine Maxwell. He says, “Ghislaine referred to these girls as trash but really, she’s the one who is trash! She is just as complicit as Epstein and If you’re upset over how I pronounced her name you missed the entire point.”

Jeffrey Epstein told a journalist that he was the funder for Sophia, the world’s smartest robot. More from Jamie Dlux.

Trump’s Real Plan for China

Dick Morris believes the real objective of President Donald Trump in renegotiating trade tariffs with China is to strike at that nation’s theft and piracy of Hi-Tech goods.  Robotics, high-speed computers and military ware are the actual goods Trump wants to protect. If China backs off from stealing these goods and engaging in cyber-espionage,  we’ll likely see the trade tariff battle ease. If not, buckle up your seat belts!

President Trump’s tariffs aren’t the only obstacle for China. Mass protests are now taking place in Hong Kong to challenge efforts by China to weaken the Hong Kong judiciary. Dr. Steve Turley reports.

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