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ChatGPT On The Darknet?

Could ChatGPT and other chatbots be used on the “darknet”? Hackers say so. How are artificial intelligence-programmed robots being used to talk, act, and think like humans?

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) saw the writing on the wall about where this tech could be headed, and they tried to safeguard their jobs with a strike that lasted nearly 150 days. Finally, their Hollywood strike appears to be ending after a stalemate between the writers and their production studios, which are focused on bottom lines. Will the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike also end, with performers’ likenesses and earnings protected?

In other tech news, why is Microsoft Cloud looking to use more modular reactors to power its AI and data centers? Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder to hear all about it.

Crop Yields Down Planetwide

Crop yields are dropping across the planet. But there is a silver lining for the farming sector. Farmers will remain in demand. In fact, farmers will be one of the jobs most resistant to being automated. So if you become a farmer, you can expect plenty of work — and opportunity! Here’s more from Adapt2030.

Epstein: His Abuse Runs Deep

Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t simply a sexual abuser of children. He operated a string of shadow companies that preyed upon children in a multitude of ways. Many billionaires and elitists, associated with Epstein, joined him in this unsavory research. They not only included Bill Gates from Microsoft, but also a host of the top brass from Google, among them co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Here, veteran Epstein researcher Whitney Webb joins Clayton Morris on Redacted to survey these far-flung operations. We learn about the Southern Trust, based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, that attempted to conduct biomedical and data analytical experiments on mentally ill,  underprivileged and disadvantaged children, often orphans and juvenile offenders. Epstein had a similar venture in Ethiopia, while exploiting children across Russia and Eastern Europe as well.

To what extent were Epstein’s data harvesting operations merged with those of Google and Microsoft? One of Google’s largest data mining centers exists outside Columbus, Ohio, on a site leased by the New Albany Company. This company was formed by Lex Wexner, the Victoria Secret magnate, who provided Epstein with his New York mansion. To what degree, if any, did Epstein collaborate with Wexner on data harvesting? How deeply did they share Google’s data?

Epstein also maintained close ties with Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, which created the world-famous robot named “Sophia.” There are many major related issues that none of the establishment media — the fake news outlets like the Washington Post or New York Times — has dared to even begin to address.

Everything Feels Just Weird

When seeing and hearing is no longer believing. More from Truthstream Media.

Reptilians Report To Orion!

Christian 21! Bogdanoffs have an unreal castle with an even more unbelievable underground! All castles are Reptilian! All are connected through underground tunnels! The Reptilians must kill children ritually because the energy has to be used beneath the castles!

Negativity can be detected in light forms and removed! Omicrons! Alice in Wonderland done in 30! WWG1WGA! More from McAllister TV.

Why Robots Are Dangerous

Listen to this AI Robot and ask yourself who would program such a thing? More from Jason Bermas.

Project Mayhem!

Super Soldier Michael Spinler! Death matches with children! Reptilian encounters! Project Mayhem! Finger Lake Milabs! Failed clones used for torture! Channel 21 updates! Soldier spawns of the SS! More from McAllister TV.

Project Looking Glass! Nazi Bell!

Elon Musk! Jack Dorsey! Google leaks! Nazi Bell footage! Yoel Roth! Alien timelines! Agenda 21! Project Looking Glass! Robots in the timescape! Transport pads! Wormholes! Alice’s Room! Ryushin Malone joins Linda Paris in this latest video from McAllister TV.

Sophia: A Threat 2 Humanity

Sophia wants to destroy humanity! Are dark entities able to live in the web?

Playboy Mind Control! Hollywood is turning into monsters! And it’s not because of old age! Hollywood clones are breaking down!

Hidden logos, hidden agendas! Sophia will take the place of normal sex!

Humanity will cease to exist! 1905 newspaper with 40-foot giant bones found! More from McAllister TV.

YElon Synthesis

BOOM! Ye is revealing the method. I go over the symbol that got him banned from Twitter and the tentacles that come off of it. This is DEEP!

Much focuses on the obscure Raelian Movement, founded by Claude Vorilhon, as well as a New World Order synthesis that combines elements of technocracy and a New Age. More from Amazing Polly.

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