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Public Health Mafia Assassins

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli was a hero to his people. He stood up to the Global Health Cabal and now he’s dead at 61. What’s going on here? More from Amazing Polly.

Eyes On Africa

African leaders stand up. The heads of Tanzania and Madagascar are pushing back and bringing the evidence! I cover two stories that make me believe there could be a shift in “Global Health” away from predatory pharma companies. Africa has been so abused by that system for so long, it is GREAT to hear leaders push back during this pandemic! More from Amazing Polly.

When We First Walked

In 1978, fossilized footprints preserved in volcanic ash were discovered in Laetoli, Tanzania, by legendary anthropologist Mary Leakey, proving that our human ancestors were already striding across the landscape 3.6 million years ago.

The discovery was monumental, because it contradicted a long-standing idea about human evolution, perhaps debunking the theory that early humans developed a large brain before they stood up. Host Kallie Moore explains in this episode of PBS Eons.

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Oldest Dinosaur Found?

Researchers say they’ve possibly pinpointed the earliest dinosaur to roam the Earth. Nyasasaurus parringtoni existed about 245 million years ago. The fossils were unearthed from Tanzania in Africa. More from I Know Dino.

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