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Gates Didn’t Have A Prenup

Bill Gates didn’t have a prenup with his wife Melinda Gates. He wants “privacy” during his divorce. Presumably, he will now be much more silent himself and not mouthing off every other day about what we should eat, how we all need a jab and why the world is overpopulated. More from The Salty Cracker.

Countdown to Bacon…4

In four days, on Monday, September 24, Call Me Stormy will unveil our most ambitious project to date — A DAY OF BACON — an all-out, non-stop salute to bacon. Every hour on the hour, covering an entire 24-hour marathon, we will post a clip from a movie, cartoon, TV show, stand-up comedy routine, music video or newsreel celebrating the wonders of bacon. Why bacon and why now?

No other meat tastes as sweet as candy. None is so richly aromatic. And none so well represents our spirit at a time when we are under assault from violent extremists who are hellbent to limit our freedoms, including the choice of bacon as a breakfast entree. We could use a laugh and a pick-me-up, and bacon’s just the right thing to do the trick.

Join us on September 24 for a sizzling good time. Tell your relatives and friends — hey, even casual acquaintances — to drop by. If you’re a blogger, spread the word and feel free to post your own bacon clips on Monday or to reblog any you find on Call Me Stormy. We’ll get the ball rolling today with an early-bird sneak peek at what’s to come — represented here by Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) from NBC’s Parks and Recreation reacting to an offer to sample vegan bacon.

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