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Why Media Attacked Bill Gates?

After having been a darling of the mainstream media for decades, Bill Gates suddenly is being portrayed as a womanizer and an ogre. What’s with the transformation? Here, ReallyGraceful shares her theories on why the media has turned on Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Story Turning Creepy

Stories surrounding Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and his celebrity divorce just keep getting creepier. Why is the leftwing mainstream media going after Gates?

How does his friendship with the notorious Jeffrey Epstein figure into this scenario? Are rich celebrities worried because Epstein — and possibly Gates — were banging underage prostitutes? What kind of attention could that bring to them, especially if they are also involved in some way?

More from Styxhexenhammer666, who says, “This has to be the most bizarre story all year so far.”



What A Coincidence!

Why would the two richest men in the world get a divorce at the same time? Let’s ask Jeff Bezos and Bill gates. More from The United Spot.

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The Code Has Been Broken

The patriots are moving forward with the audit. The [Deep State]/corrupt politicians are being exposed. The people are waking up quickly. The politicians are being booed. The election fraud will be exposed. The codes on the computer systems are being broken and the census data does not match what happened in the 2020 election. It’s only a matter of time. Tick tock . More from the X22 Report.

Let’s check out an interesting company named after Ingersoll Lockwood. Learn about the residents of Windham, New Hampshire, standing up to the officials trying to cover up election fraud. Here, we also get an explanation for the Arizona spy plane over the audit and learn of George Soros’s efforts to derail Conservative Hungarian leader Viktor Orban. More from RedPill78.

Will DJT resume office before 2024? He will if audits proceed and the truth is uncovered. Until then, GOP leadership keeps getting exposed as the Deep State players they are. Let’s look at a potential mistrial in Minnesota, the reason for the border crisis, and the difference between BLM/Antifa’s catch-and-release arrests and the incarceration of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. Fear not, God is keeping score. More from Lori Colley.

Jordan Sather brings us a jampacked new Accordin To Jordan video. Among the many topics covered: Bill Gates’ divorce, Joe Biden’s new “vaccine” plan, The Big Lie and the latest UFO revelations from the Department of Defense.

Gates Didn’t Have A Prenup

Bill Gates didn’t have a prenup with his wife Melinda Gates. He wants “privacy” during his divorce. Presumably, he will now be much more silent himself and not mouthing off every other day about what we should eat, how we all need a jab and why the world is overpopulated. More from The Salty Cracker.

Kevin Kline Returns To Acting

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. More from Jamie Dlux.

P.S. He adds, “Hey, guys, just having some fun. LOL.”


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