Covid Door Knockers

Wild Bill for America dishes out some common sense advice on how to deal with covid door knockers. Wild Bill is a retired U.S. deputy marshal, and also a longtime friend and supporter of our blog — Call Me Stormy. So if the idiot government leftists come knocking on your door, send them back, packing.

Obama’s War on Freedom

Enough is enough, says Wild Bill. It’s time to put a stop to President Obama and his anti-American antics. At the forefront of his most egregious actions is his push to allow non-citizens to vote in our elections. “They want criminal trespassers, not just from south of the border, but from terrorist nations to decide who wins American elections,” Wild Bill says. It’s definitely time for Wild Bill and all of us to throw the hammer down. He explains in this episode of Wild Bill for America.

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Beware Of Glocks

Wild Bill is steadfast in his support of the Second Amendment. But in the name of firearm safety, he fires back with some real-world common sense about unsafe guns. Wild Bill’s target is the Glock pistols, which he calls the pit bulls of the gun world. Tune in to Wild Bill for America as he cautions gun owners about the unpredictable Glock.

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Doubling Down on Stupid

The actions of Washington, D.C., Republicans may well spell the end of the GOP Party as we know it, says Wild Bill. “They have essentially trampled on their constituents so much that there is no trust or respect in the national Republicans.” And now, he says, the GOP is doubling down on stupid by messing with the election process in many states. Hear his argument in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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Wild Bill Going Outlaw

Wild Bill is going outlaw! The war on Christians and Jews is heating up and Wild Bill doesn’t want any part of it, as well he should not.

“The First Amendment is first for a reason,” Wild Bill says. “The founding fathers knew the dangers of corrupt government coming against the Christian church, so the the very first protection they guaranteed was that the Christians would never be oppressed by the government of the USA.” Tune in, as he elaborates on this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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How Did America Lose its Way?

If you haven’t noticed, our country has lost its way. We’ve forgotten our national heritage, our history, our ID. This wasn’t in the plan for our forefathers, who embraced religious liberty and The Bible. Says Wild Bill, “Then about 50 years ago, the left rose up in America–atheists, sexual perverts, liberal anarchists and criminals. People who hated how the Christian faith restrained their low moral appetites.” He explains in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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