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Covid Door Knockers

Wild Bill for America dishes out some common sense advice on how to deal with covid door knockers. Wild Bill is a retired U.S. deputy marshal, and also a longtime friend and supporter of our blog — Call Me Stormy. So if the idiot government leftists come knocking on your door, send them back, packing.

Demagogue Dems Unraveling

As the jury prepares to deliberate the Derek Chauvin murder case in Minnesota this week, Democrats such as U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters continue to inflame racial tension and violence, citing a drive-by shooting of the National Guard in Minnesota hours after she called for Black Lives Matter to be “more confrontational.”

This is the same corrupt and clueless Democrat who encouraged Americans to aggressively confront Republicans on the street and in public venues. Meanwhile, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for more dead, young white people, before caring about the “pandemic” of police shootings. The alleged party of the people has gone absolutely nuts!

Guest host and constitutional attorney Robert Barnes breaks down the incendiary rhetoric of demagogue Democrats and joins Owen Shroyer as special host in this edition of InfoWars.

Obama And The Race Card

If former President Barack Obama had not consistently played the race card, George Floyd might still be alive. Imagine how many lives might have been saved if he told his followers to comply with the police, rather than turning an ordinary interaction into something deadly.

In this episode, Larry Elder discusses the consequences of playing the race card and urges the former president to share the truth about the so-called systemic racism in America’s law enforcement.

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NFL Star: Psycho Or Victim?

Was Phillip Adams a raging psychopath or a helpless victim? The former NFL star went on a rampage earlier this week, murdering five people in Rock Hill, South Carolina, including prominent member of the community Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife and two grandchildren, then turned the gun on himself.

While law enforcement initially said the incident was a dispute over medication, the mainstream media is sensitively calling it the result of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), caused by his repeated head traumas in the NFL. It’s important to note that Phillips is a black man and the family he brutally murdered were white, a fact usually glossed over by the media. Meanwhile, social media is following course, expressing sympathy for Phillips and blaming head trauma.

Mr. Obvious has  a different take. “Give me a break,” he says. “If this were a white guy who killed a family of five black people or Asians, it would be all over the news: White evil bigot man murdered these minority families!” He added that you would see the media pushing the narrative that white people are a problem and you’d never hear the end of it. Listen to more of the story from Mr. Obvious and his heated analysis.

The Hypocrisy Of Lebron James

It’s perplexing how every time a black man gets shot by police–no matter the circumstances–the sports community bursts into a wild frenzy, quickly reaching for their racism and social injustice narratives. But when the tables are turned, as they  were in Los Angeles last weekend after a black man shot and seriously injured two law enforcement officers at point blank range, what is their reaction? Crickets.

And perhaps the biggest offender in the sports world is the Left’s pea-brained idol, Lebron James. When he’s not kowtowing to the China Communist Party, he’s demeaning law enforcement, and American values in general, with senseless drivel, wrought with errors and inaccuracies even a third-grader would smirk at.

Following the shooting of the two officers in California, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman, which was increased by $75,000 via two private donations. Pointing out James’ alleged interest in race relations, Villanueva challenged him to match the donations. And again, there was no response.

The reaction is prevalent throughout the sports world, with their fake empathy–kneeling, Black Panther salutes and disparaging our treasured national anthem with some nonsensical creation of their own. Nothing but a bunch of losers!

Host Ryan Kinel tears into James and the entire sports community, exposing their disgusting hypocrisy in this episode of Sports Wars.

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Exposing The Fake Antifa Press

From Portland to Washington, D.C., Antifa “fake press” are popping up everywhere. They continue to use their court-ordered immunity to infiltrate police lines and assault officers, often acting as human shields between law enforcement and the Antifa mob.

Says Elijah Schaffer, contributor and host on Blaze TV, who has gone undercover with Antifa, “People are abusing this freedom of the press, this idea of our First Amendment Rights to free speech, and using it to deceive the police and attack them. And they need to be exposed.” He adds that law enforcement is aware of their shenanigans, but don’t always get it right. Here’s more with Shaffer on Blaze TV.

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Operation Legend: 1,500 Arrests

U.S. Attorney Gen. Bill Barr announced the arrests of nearly 1,500 people in the Department of Justice’s fight against crime via its Operation Legend campaign. Barr said in a Wednesday Kansas City news conference that the project, which utilizes federal agents to assist local law enforcement in what the AG described as a “recent upsurge in crime,” has been expanded to nine cities in an effort to quell the violence. The operation was named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed inside his home in Kansas City, Missouri, on June 29, 2020.

Barr added that more than 1,000 additional officers from the FBI, DEA and ATF are being assigned to help local law enforcement track down wanted suspects and are literally working shoulder-to-shoulder to crack these cases. He says that in addition to the operation, the DOJ has allocated $78.5 million in grants and other funds to support state and local law enforcement. “Operation Legend is the heart of the government’s response to this upturn in violent crime,” Barr says. “Its mission is to save lives, solve crimes and take violent offenders off the street.” Here’s more from Global News.

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Two-Faced Celebrities

Superficial Hollywood celebrities were gung-ho when despicable mobs from Black Lives Matter and Antifa wreaked havoc on Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle and Portland, torching and looting neighborhoods, and beating people. They were even on board with providing bail protection for those lowlifes who were arrested and jailed. But wait! Now the mobs have their sights on Hollywood and tony Beverly Hills. Who are they going to call? Law enforcement, of course. The very same police they condemned and belittled as racists in recent weeks. By the way, with all the pro-violence and anti-law enforcement rhetoric coming from Hollywood, why does a community such as Beverly Hills even have a police department? Tune in as the salt flows with Salty Cracker.

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Armed Militias Surging

All across America, membership is surging in armed militia groups. And who, in particular, is joining these groups? Cops and former cops. Seems like have an aversion to being roughed up by Leftist thugs. More from Steve Turley.

Cruz Gives Dems An Earful

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is mad as hell and he can’t take it anymore. In an impassioned speech before the Senate Judiciary Committee and aimed at Democrats in Congress, Cruz delivered an blistering rebuke of the Obama Administration’s incessant corruption, pointing out that it directed the FBI, CIA, law enforcement and intelligence to target their political opposition. “All of them thought Hillary as going to win and nobody would know that they had abused law enforcement and intelligence to target their political enemies.” Cruz further chided Judiciary Committee Democrats for turning a blind eye. “And what’s astonishing, there’s not a single Democrat here that cares,” he says. Check out Cruz’s fiery speech on Five Star.

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