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Crackdown on Turkey

Recep Erdogan, the arrogant leader of the Turks, is learning a lesson: Don’t mess with the United States, now that Donald Trump is president. Although he is a NATO ally, Erdogan has been playing games, throwing his support behind Russia and China as opposed to the United States. Trump isn’t buying that and has taken steps that have led to a 40 percent reduction in the value of Turkey’s currency. Dick Morris outlines what has been taking place. More from DickMorrisReports.

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Styxhexenhammer666 talks about the collapse of the Turkish lira as Trump uses tariffs to extract diplomatic cooperation. We encourage a hard line. Erdogan not only has been kissing Communist butt but also keeping Americans jailed in Turkey, including ministers. If Erodgan wants relief, he needs to show some signs of civility — or else expect more heat.



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