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Now, Here Comes The Inflation

The Deep State and Democrats are losing the narrative. They have played around with the debt ceiling so much it’s going to trigger some wicked inflation. Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog analyzes the financial news and other stories in this edition of his Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Collapse Of Supply Chain

Josh Sigurdson reports there’s an obvious and controlled disruption to the supply chain, posing a clear danger to economies worldwide. The organized push is also causing massive employment shortages, which in turn, is halting the flow of goods and services internationally.

The lack of transportation, an offshoot in the disruption, is leading to massive livestock kill-offs and sparking skyrocketing inflation. An estimated 120,000 pigs are set to be slaughtered and tossed away, sending meat prices through the roof and making it unaffordable for most businesses and individuals. “When this happens, people become desperate. When people become desperate, they can be controlled,” Sigurdson says. This, of course, is in perfect timing for climate lockdowns and carbon credits added to social-credit scores, which also include the jab. More from World Alternative Media.

Biden: Worst President Ever

Joe Biden hasn’t even been in office for a year, and Styxhexenhammer666 says he’s already on pace to become the worst American president we’ve ever had.  Recency bias aside, the blatant and even self-admitted ignoring of the separation of powers, an anemic economy, blundering foreign policy and a self inflicted massive border crisis are really quite a spectacle for a first-year president-in-name.

Shot Heard Around The World

The [Deep State] fell right into what the patriots wanted. They laid the ground work and the [Deep State] did exactly what they thought they would do. Now, the people can see it all and they will see much more. World leaders are now angry at [Joe Biden] and the puppet masters. The world is turning against them. Devolution is now in play, Former Defense Secretary Christopher Miller tells everyone that one day people will no the full story of what was planned. This will be the shot heard around the world. It will be a week to remember.More from the X22 Report.

Time To Blame Trump

The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan.
Inflation is rising.
Gas prices are rising.
C cases are rising regardless of shots in arms.
Our southern border is in complete crisis.
It’s an absolute MESS!

If you voted for Joe, you voted for this…. More from Conservative Momma.

Financial Power Shift Looming

With inflation raging and our financial system approaching an unprecedented time, World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says, “Get your money out of the bank!”

Sigurdson reports that The Great Reset is imminent, where we will experience an enormous global power shift, as money becomes worthless and people become dependent and desperate. The signs are already here, Sigurdson says, as the globalists continue to lock down civilization and rip our humanity apart. “It’s important to understand how this will roll out and why,” he says. More with World Alternative Media.

Biden’s Skyrocketing Inflation

We are now seeing signs of what we can expect from Joe Biden: Skyrocketing inflation, approaching the gross stagflation of Jimmy Carter’s era. The prices of goods are bounding higher as Biden drives up energy costs, attacking both the gasoline and oil industries. At the same time, tensions are mounting in the Middle East, compounding the steep increases in energy prices.

At this pace, we can count on Biden serving as a one-term President. That is, if the decrepit geezer can actually last a full term. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Skyrocketing Lumber Prices

This video highlights all sides of the story about soaring lumber prices and the implications. More from Really Graceful.

Terrorists Steamroll Joe Biden

Terrorists threaten a major U.S. oil pipeline and all Joe Biden’s administration can do is to jawbone and warn companies to tighten their security. You can’t have the FBI investigate the terrorists, after all, when those extorting the pipeline are probably Democratic allies!

Besides, the Democrats could care less! These kinds of attacks could drive up the cost of gas to $5 a gallon, and that fits the Democrats’ demented environmentalist, electric car agenda to a tee! More from The Salty Cracker.

Fuel shortages occurred in 17 states, mostly across the South but extending up the Atlantic Seaboard, including Virginia and Washington DC. A widespread emergency was declared in response to the terrorist attack. Did the FBI round up the terrorists? Of course not. FBI agents were too busy harassing grandmas who voted for Trump. More from Tim Pool.

Food Prices, Inflation Soaring

Joe Biden’s tax hikes BACKFIRE as crop prices reach an 8-year high. Commodities like lumber are soaring as inflation pushes America to the verge of economic COLLAPSE. Meanwhile, the FBI is accused of violating the Constitution by targeting conservatives and searching NSA databases without a warrant. More from Mr. Obvious.

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