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Silicon Valley Imploding

Silicon Valley and the censorious social media are starting to financially implode.  More of their independent-minded programmers are leaving as these companies practice Orwellian censorship. Black Pigeon Speaks gets into Facebook, Google/YouTube and the other social media giants in unveiling a new channel, Classiarius, delving into areas including financing, technology and crypto-currency.

Dr. Robert Epstein is a psychologist who was recently featured in the upcoming documentary The Creepy Line for his research into Google. His research shows a 50/50 proposition can be tilted just by their suggested search predictive text up to 90/10 depending where they want you to go. He also stated that if you are using any Google products you must be “insane”. He’s not just a man of warning either, he wrote an article titled “7 simple steps toward online privacy” including his advice on how to stay safe. More from the BlazeTV.

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