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Digital Stormtroopers

The biggest interference threat in the 2020 election is not Russia, it’s Silicon Valley. This should come as no surprise after a leaked video revealed how horrified Google execs were over Donald Trump’s 2016 win. Glenn interviews the researcher who intends to expose the faceless plot to thwart a second Trump presidency. Dr. Robert Epstein, a Democrat, claims Big Tech can shift 15 million votes and has made it his mission to save democracy for voters of every political leaning. When we reveal all the tools and techniques they use to manipulate the average American user, you’ll never look at Twitter, Facebook, and Google the same way again. Here’s a special report from Glenn Beck and Blaze TV subtitled How Big Tech Will Silence You and Steal The Election.

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In addition to the social media platforms, we are seeing increasing signs of disarray at Amazon, the e-commerce powerhouse. Candace Owens has a new book out called Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From the Democratic Plantation.   She says she has received more than 1,000 complaints from readers, all of whom ordered books through Amazon. These readers reported their books had been stomped upon, and had their covers smeared. In certain cases, the books were covered with Vaseline.

This was only a problem with the books received through Amazon. Books purchased at book stores were all A-OK.

So, apparently, Amazon has a few radical Leftist employees who just couldn’t resist defacing a conservative’s work! Says Owens, “I know it must have pained you to ship out all 90,000 copies you had in stock — but this is unacceptable.”

We’ll keep an eye out for other instances of Leftist anarchy at Amazon. If they can’t keep these goons in check, they need to fire them, and bring in a few workers who actually have some ethics! In the meantime, patronize your local book outlets. Don’t support Amazon unless Jeff Bezos can run a tighter ship!


Newt Gingrich isn’t the only conservative being muzzled by Fox News. Now, we learn that former US Attorney Joe diGenova, along with his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing, are being blackballed by Fox News. The reason: The same as what befell Newt Gingrich. DiGenova and Toensing are being silenced because they went onto Lou Dobbs Show and identified former Nazi collaborator George Soros as the man responsible for much of the funding behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Fox News has already issued an apology to Gingrich, but if they are actually applying the same kinds of overt fascism against others, we can no longer support that network. We will be monitoring them closely over the next few weeks. More of this malarkey, and we will drop Fox as a credible news outlet worth bookmarking or referencing. It’s time the mainstream media showed some spine and accurately portrayed Soros for what he is: a Leftist pig,  a CIA thug and a foreign manipulator trying to subvert the greatest country in the world.  If you’re going to sidestep the real news, Fox, just run a crochet or needlepoint channel.

Assange: Key To DNC Hack

The [Deep State] doesn’t know which way to turn. All they can do is keep their fake agenda’s moving forward so it takes the spotlight off of their crimes. This is failing and all the pieces are being moved into place to counter all of it. It’s like a vice grip slowly closing. As it gets tighter, it exerts more and more pressure. Julian Assange is the source of the DNC hack. Soon, Assange will have his day. The [Deep State] are now getting ready to push Russia narrative again during the 2020 elections. The swamp is deep and wide. Remove/replace operation ongoing. Traitors everywhere. Moves and counter moves. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth put out a new video called Feddlin’ that deals specifically with the Democrats’ fiddling and meddling — feddlin’. That covers a wide gamut of vote manipulations and election subversions, as well as the suspicious death of the wife of Dr. Robert Epstein, the social scientist who testified before Congress last summer about Google practicing deceptive techniques to increase Democratic voter results. In what is not at all surprising, YouTube — a subsidiary of Google — quickly struck down that video.

We categorically oppose Google and YouTube subverting the US constitution, as well as feddlin’ with our voting processes and trampling our freedoms. This is an evil company that needs to be subjected to anti-trust scrutiny and broken up into smaller, hopefully more responsible companies. Google is not only unmanageable because of its monopolistic size. It is a politically biased outfit that needs to be spanked — and we mean spanked really hard!

From following Q, we know the Deep State is evil and corrupt. But exactly how deep does the Deep State go? Are the people awake their biggest fear? More from JustInformed Talk.

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MoarNewQ!!! MoarVoterFraud!!! D Con Exposed!!! Truth Will BTold!!! More from McAllister TV. She asks the immortal question: Does Michelle Obama still have a wang!!! Dang, Doodle!!!


Google Called to Task

It’s time to break up Google and end the fascism practiced by that Far Leftist company. Not only the rank and file staff, but the management team at Google is blatantly biased and unfair — trying to bury any and all websites or viewpoints advanced by conservatives or Christians, and pervert the Google search engines.

Republicans need to hold these bastards’ feet in the fire, and not give them any relief or comfort until they stop the censorship or get broken into smaller, more manageable and responsible companies. Google, as it now stands — a  monster violating our First Amendment rights — must cease to exist. More from Mark Dice.

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In the same Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Dr. Robert Epstein told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday that Google can manipulate votes by using tools that they have at their disposal exclusively, and that no one can counteract them. Epstein warned the senator of Big Tech election meddling during his testimony before the Judiciary Committee hearing on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines.”

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Dennis Prager says YouTube/Google’s censorship of PragerU videos is endlessly frustrating. He described to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Google’s blacklisting and censorship of Prager U, saying the Masters of the Universe make him feel like a Monty Python skit. It’s hard to believe the staff of that company are as arrogant as they have proven themselves to be. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the Big One will strike, sending San Jose spiraling into the Pacific Ocean. No great loss at all.

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Silicon Valley Imploding

Silicon Valley and the censorious social media are starting to financially implode.  More of their independent-minded programmers are leaving as these companies practice Orwellian censorship. Black Pigeon Speaks gets into Facebook, Google/YouTube and the other social media giants in unveiling a new channel, Classiarius, delving into areas including financing, technology and crypto-currency.

Dr. Robert Epstein is a psychologist who was recently featured in the upcoming documentary The Creepy Line for his research into Google. His research shows a 50/50 proposition can be tilted just by their suggested search predictive text up to 90/10 depending where they want you to go. He also stated that if you are using any Google products you must be “insane”. He’s not just a man of warning either, he wrote an article titled “7 simple steps toward online privacy” including his advice on how to stay safe. More from the BlazeTV.

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