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Then They Came for Gab

Gab — a social media platform promoting free speech and thought — is facing more stark censorship moves by Internet rivals including Facebook and Twitter. It’s time these old platforms were corralled and fined for their Marxist behavior.  We do not approve of their attempts to suppress our liberties or to blackball competitors who are more tolerant of our views. More from Computing Forever.

Tim Pool also discusses how Paypal and others have moved to squelch Gab. The banning of Gab is ugly, but best to understand the mechanism and also identify the guilty parties so they can be upbraided and shunned. Personally, we would also favor new legislation to protect our Internet rights and fine these ugly troll firms.

InfoWars interviews Andrew Torba about the censorship of GAB, and his determination to fight the injustice of this assault on free speech.

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