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Biden Admits: Trump Was Right

Joe Biden admits that TRUMP WAS RIGHT about the Border Wall and may continue to build more border wall to ‘fill in gaps’. Meanwhile, many Democrats and companies like PayPal post EPIC FAILS on Voter ID. Hilarious. More from Mr. Obvious.


Facebook’s Insidious Bias

Project Veritas uncovers more Facebook insiders who describe the social media platform’s effort to silence conservatives and subvert American political thought. These creeps are insidious. They make no bones over just how biased Facebook has become and the many underhanded techniques the firm uses to pollute American politics.

Frankly, we no longer have the slightest confidence that Facebook can restore fair operations. The only solutions seem to be: We must seek out new alternatives that are more open and honest, and we must push our Senators and members of Congress to bring anti-trust actions against Facebook, aimed at ending the company’s monopoly over the marketplace.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Facebook has fired Leslie Brown, interviewed here by Project Veritas. This is not at all shocking. What is shocking: Just how rotten this outfit has become!)

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Meanwhile, a bunch of Left-leaning companies pulled their ads from Facebook, saying the platform has not done enough to ban conservative voices and censor President Donald Trump’s posts. Companies whose ad agency took the action included Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Dorito’s, Paypal, Adobe and BMW. Our suggestion: Don’t buy anything from these sleazy Leftist companies. Next time you’re thinking about ordering a Pepsi, reach for a Dr. Pepper instead. It’s easy as pie! More from the Gateway Pundit and Fox Business.

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A Surge In The Storm

The [Deep State] just signaled an event to go after the Dragon. The FISA court wants names for certain warrants. Durham is on the hunt. The mission is going forward. Stay vigilant. News unlocks pain is coming. All the indicators are pointing to a surge of the storm coming very soon. More from the X22 Report.

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Are we hunting and destroying global trafficking cartels? When it was said that C comes before D, did that mean that the rescue of trafficked children would occur before the Declass of the FISA documents? Let’s jump right in and see what’s happening. More from JustInformed Talk.

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As we all are aware, Dave from The X22 Report and Sean from the SGTReport do not see eye to eye on everything. In fact, there are many topics on which they disagree. But here, the two, both leading voices in the Q movement, come together to engage in a spirited but quite illuminating debate on the topic” Freedom or Slavery?

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They dun deplatformed me. Paypal and MailChimp have both moved to cut off and censor Jordan Sather and his Destroying the Illusion YouTube channel. Here, Sather reacts to the censorship. It’s something that many of us, using a wide variety of platforms and social media, have experienced in recent weeks.

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Meet Your Dystopian Overlord

Just as Congress broke up the big oil companies and later the telephone companies for their anti-trust violations, now’s the time to do the same to the social media platforms. These mega-companies became giants with the help of the US government and the aid they received from DARPA, the CIA and other federal agencies. But now that they are giants and in virtual control of the Internet, they have moved swiftly to try to dictate what we can say, where we can say it, how we communicate. In short, they are infringing upon our civil liberties as Americans, acting like our dystopian, technical overlords.

Here’s the latest video from Tim Pool, who says, “With the censorship of Project Veritas and my video on censorship itself we can truly see that ‘the fire truck is on fire.’ If any of us try to prove censorship and that political motivations drive the tech giants they shut us down. This is just another example of the encroaching nightmare dystopia. A future run by unelected billionaires who are accountable to no one and refuse to stop.”

“While these tech giants have destroyed local journalism and slowly monopolized public discourse many far left activists have defended them as private businesses. Now Facebook seeks to launch a new currency called ‘Libra’ and has the backing of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.”

“Tech giants will now begin slowly monopolizing the economy, removing your access to trade and speech. Its possible that Libra fails but we have already seen Mastercard and Chase bank ‘debank’ conservatives and political figures.”

“Under the guise of social justice these companies have begun removing people they view to be ‘unhealthy’ for the conversation. But who gives them this right? How long until these companies ban you from finance and the economy for wrongthink?”

Paypal Censorship Explained

Why has Paypal become so active in censoring its users? Seems the company has been taking its marching orders from the Liberal fascists over at the Southern Poverty Law Center. “That explains a lot,” says Styxhexenhammer666.

What is the problem with the Paypal-SPLC partnership? The SPLC is an outfit that targets Americans based on hate. The SPLC prides itself on “fighting hate, teaching tolerance and seeking justice.” Yet, explore their efforts targeting everyone from President Donald Trump to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and that veneer of righteousness quickly peels away.

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Here, is an update from YouTuber Law, which is helping to organize the complaint against Paypal and the SPLC. “Over the past week I finished outlining the FTC complaint against Patreon and PayPal for collusion in their banning of Sargon of Akkad and attack on SubscribeStar. I then worked with the volunteers on developing precise tasks designed to support the complaint and improve the chance of its acceptance by the FTC. This is the Week 05 update to our case against collusive attacks on the competitive marketplace.”

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Then They Came for Gab

Gab — a social media platform promoting free speech and thought — is facing more stark censorship moves by Internet rivals including Facebook and Twitter. It’s time these old platforms were corralled and fined for their Marxist behavior.  We do not approve of their attempts to suppress our liberties or to blackball competitors who are more tolerant of our views. More from Computing Forever.

Tim Pool also discusses how Paypal and others have moved to squelch Gab. The banning of Gab is ugly, but best to understand the mechanism and also identify the guilty parties so they can be upbraided and shunned. Personally, we would also favor new legislation to protect our Internet rights and fine these ugly troll firms.

InfoWars interviews Andrew Torba about the censorship of GAB, and his determination to fight the injustice of this assault on free speech.

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