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BuzzFeed Staff Revolt

After the staff layoffs a week ago at BuzzFeed, many of the employees revolted, signing a letter demanding to meet with management and seeking greater entitlements. Hard to see how paying more entitlements is a possibility at a company that already is bleeding and unable to continue paying its staff. Tim Pool examines the shortfall and questions the thinking — or the lack thereof — of the Leftist employees.

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BuzzFeed wouldn’t be laying off employees if it was actually appealing to readers and building a bigger audience. But it is so friggin’ Leftist, that most moderates or conservatives know better than to waste their time checking it out. Paul Joseph Watson says one of the tactics these Leftist outlets is pushing: Trying to diminish or drive down audiences for more mainstream sites, like PewDiePie’s YouTube channel.

You would think YouTube would welcome something so popular that it drives them lots of traffic and viewership. But, no, YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, all of these platforms just keep turning into bigger and bigger censors, and trying to make everyone abide by the Liberal group think. What nonsense!

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Has the dumpster of the Internet finally met its inevitable fate?! Let’s hear from Brother Hunter Avallone.

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Here’s another tool the Establishment Journalism use to ward off criticism. They employ a PR firm called Storyful that essentially works to neutralize or spike any news that puts the journalists in a negative light. Amazing Polly calls it part of a “Censorship Cartel.” She says, “In this vid, I go over the failure of Fact Checking re the Covington story and I talk about all those laid-off journos spinning a tale of woe. I wrap up by looking at their latest target and expose the tip of the iceberg on the ‘fact checking community’ .. a huge industry which threatens the proper functioning of society.”


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