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Fight the Cultural War

Instead of running for cover, conservatives need to fight the Left on the cultural front, retaking the lead in setting values for America. That’s the CPAC message of the vibrant and witty Candace Owens, conservative activist and Director of Urban Engagement at Turning Point USA.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin addressed the crowd at CPAC 2019, telling them that Democrats and establishment Republicans led to the current border crisis.

Mark Levin and his wife, Julia Strauss Levin, delve into the constitutional and legal calamities committed by the Leftist Obama administration. They also get into the Border Wall and say if the illegal immigrants were Republican voters, the Democrats would not only have a wall already built, but with snipers manning the parapets.

We’re not going to showcase all of President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC because we run scores of his talks all through the year. But we wanted to show you this excerpt from the speech, in which he calls upon conservative activist Hayden Williams to join him on stage. Who is Williams? The conservative activist who was smacked across the face on the University of California at Berkeley campus by a Leftwing wingnut.


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