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Timing Is Everything

Election fraud news is finally starting to surface on Fox as Maria Bartiromo covers the 2020 debacles in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. And former President Donald Trump, speaking at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference), is scheduled to unwind on Joe Biden, as well as critical race theory and the Biden Administration’s bungling of the U.S.-Mexico border. Timing is everything! Pray! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion tackles several hot-ticket items in his latest video, among them:

  • Election audit news
  • Trump’s tech suit
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop
  • Seth Rich documents
  • The CDC mask “guidance.”


Bob Kudla joins me once again to discuss the markets, crypto and the state of the Union. More from RedPill78.

Antifa Harasses Candace Owens

Antifa activists harass Candace Owens as she drops by the University of Pennsylvania campus for a speaking tour. Why isn’t the Trump administration moving to designate Antifa as domestic terrorists? Why can this group flaunt the law so easily, especially on college campuses? It is way past time to correct this situation. Antifa protesters engaged in this manner of harassment should be arrested and jailed. Campuses that allow them to intimidate and harass speakers should have their federal funds curbed or withdrawn.

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Meanwhile, Tim Pool reports on a plot by Antifa to disrupt the US border security. According to FBI documents reviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the FBI is tracking “Anti Fascist” Activists who were seeking arms from Mexican sources in to stage trainings and an armed “disruption” of US border security operations.

No one has been arrested and two people named in the report deny any involvement. But outside of this, we are seeking a continuing escalation in rhetoric and actions. From this event near San Diego, to another incident thwarted by the FBI, and mainstream television encouraging more escalation it seems like things are getting worse.

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Here, Brandon from the YouTube channel That’s the Point takes on a bunch of Antifa pussies at a Trump rally in Huntington Beach, Calif.

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Fight the Cultural War

Instead of running for cover, conservatives need to fight the Left on the cultural front, retaking the lead in setting values for America. That’s the CPAC message of the vibrant and witty Candace Owens, conservative activist and Director of Urban Engagement at Turning Point USA.

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Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin addressed the crowd at CPAC 2019, telling them that Democrats and establishment Republicans led to the current border crisis.

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Mark Levin and his wife, Julia Strauss Levin, delve into the constitutional and legal calamities committed by the Leftist Obama administration. They also get into the Border Wall and say if the illegal immigrants were Republican voters, the Democrats would not only have a wall already built, but with snipers manning the parapets.

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We’re not going to showcase all of President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC because we run scores of his talks all through the year. But we wanted to show you this excerpt from the speech, in which he calls upon conservative activist Hayden Williams to join him on stage. Who is Williams? The conservative activist who was smacked across the face on the University of California at Berkeley campus by a Leftwing wingnut.

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A Flood Of Refugees

Political commentator Dick Morris adamantly states, “The United States is drowning in refugees.” But while Americans focus on the national immigration debate and the porous Mexico-U.S. border, its the refugee program of the United Nations that’s the real culprit. The controversial program, which has welcomed 500,000 refugees from around the world during President Barack Obama’s term, is authorized by the United Nations and negotiated by the State Department. What’s missing? Congressional approval, of course. Morris explains further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has disappeared from YouTube, presumably censored. In its place we offer a Steve Turley video from Bitchute discussing Texas refusing all refugees as President Donald Trump finishes 100 miles of border wall.)


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