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The War On Conservatives

Sen. Marsha Blackburn sounds off on the continued weaponization of government agencies under the Biden Administration to relentlessly go after conservatives. She tells ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow, “When you’re a conservative you’ve got a target on your back.” She explains further.

Conservative Yoga Enthusiasts!

This is what it is like when yogis turn conservative…More from Awaken with JP.

Sweden Turns To The Right!

Italy and Hungary aren’t the only European nations turning to the right. Now, a political earthquake has led to a sea change in Sweden.

Voters on Sunday appear to have turned out the long-dominant leftists, and given the government to a new right-leaning coalition under the control of Jimmie Åkesson. More from Steve Turley.

Is Your Barista Conservative?

Starbucks: a safe haven for the marginalized and uncaffeinated. But every once in a while that safe space is infiltrated by evil right-wing Nazi conservatives. Here are a few signs you can use to tell if your Starbucks has been compromised with Republicans. More from The Babylon Bee.


Will IRS Target Conservatives?

In a bombshell announcement, Lisa Haven reports that the IRS has named radical Nikole Flax to head the division’s centralized office of 87,000 new agents, recently approved by the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Flax was a major player in the IRS scandal that targeted conservatives under the Obama Administration and a confidant of disgraced high-level division employee Lois Lerner. “This is chilling to the core,” Haven says. More from Restricted Republic.

Unfounded Conspiracy Theories?

The ACLJ team of Jay and Jordan Sekulow dissect The New York Times‘ recent attack on conservatives for what they deemed “unfounded conspiracy theories” regarding the IRS.

Almost as if commissioned by the Biden Administration, The Times was clearly trying to paint conservatives in a paranoid, unhinged light. ACLJ brings more analysis, plus breaks down the direction of the Biden DOJ and IRS.

The Rise Of The New Right

They will have to vigorously defend free expression and avoid billionaire infusions to solve our most basic dilemmas. More from the Styxhexenhammer666.

Judgment Day For Lois Lerner

Martin Brodel reports that Lois Lerner’s testimony about targeting conservative organizations and Christians under President Obama’s IRS will soon be revealed. He says government watchdog, Judicial Watch, announced that a federal court has ordered the release of testimony from Lerner and her top aide, Holly Paz, regarding IRS clandestine policies during the Obama Administration. Brodel brings us the details, plus more.

Check out this rare video, courtesy of conservative journalist Jason Mattera from 2014, when he confronted Lerner in her ritzy D.C. neighborhood.  She tried to seek shelter with neighbors, but was rebuffed.

How Media Shuns Conservatives

The most horrific and threatening group to not be able to boycott a cookie brand. Here’s a look at how conservatives are depicted in the media vs. real life. More from FreedomToons.

It’s The Culture, Not Guns

There are a lot of new ways–and old ways–to kill people other than guns. There are cars, trucks, explosives, knives and the list goes on. In light of the recent flurry of mass shootings, The Podcast of the Lots Eaters says it’s high-time we dealt with the real problem: addressing the culture, not the guns. Here’s their report.

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