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It’s The Culture, Not Guns

There are a lot of new ways–and old ways–to kill people other than guns. There are cars, trucks, explosives, knives and the list goes on. In light of the recent flurry of mass shootings, The Podcast of the Lots Eaters says it’s high-time we dealt with the real problem: addressing the culture, not the guns. Here’s their report.

Smart Liberals Dump The Left

In the following video, the Sandman discusses his own experience of growing up liberal and voting for progressives. But he admittedly came to the realization of the left’s insanity. His conclusion: Smart liberals have stopped voting for the left. Here’s his analysis.

Compromised Rinos A Threat

Republicans have been a disappointment during the insurgence of the plandemic, failing to fight back against Covid-19 tyrany. South Dakota Congressional candidate and state representative, Taffy Howard, joins “The Stew Peters Show” to discuss how Rinos are a threat to our nation and how she plans to stabilize the conservative backbone of South Dakota.

The Looming National Divorce

Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA,  tells The Rubin Report about the bright side of institutions failing, why conservatives should be cautious about a red wave midterm election and how the baby boomers have shown that they are willing to sacrifice Gen Z and millennial voters to stay in power. Kirk emphasizes it could all lead to a national divorce. Here more with Kirk and host Dave Rubin.

Nuremberg 2.0 For Aussie Media

Nuremberg 2.0 will deliver the same devastating justice to guilty parties in Australia as did Nuremberg 1.0 trials in Germany. That’s the assessment from Riccardo Bosi, national leader of the conservative AUSTRALIAONE Party.

Bosi, former lieutenant colonel in the Australian Army Special Forces, promises that in Nuremberg 2.0 there will be media, personalities and media owners that will be hanged from the neck until they’re dead. “And we’re an equal-opportunity hangman, I guarantee,” he says. “Men and women will be up on the gallows.” Here’s more from Bosi on the Samantha Anderson channel.

Americans Fleeing Blue States

Patriot Takes reports that Americans are fleeing blue states for red states at an astronomical rate, but adds this might well backfire for conservatives.

The insinuation, says Infowars’ Owen Shroyer, is that even though these left-leaning Dems are tired of high taxes, mandates, crime and violence in their blue state hellholes, they will continue to vote for the Democrat Party in their new homes. “Thanks for admitting that Democrats are insane and destroying the country and proving that Republican policy clearly works better,” Shroyer says. He explains further, plus reports on the surprising FBI raid on a Texas Democrat U.S. representative’s home after he blasted the Biden Administration’s border policy.

No Heart In San Francisco

 Michelle Tandler, founder of Life School in San Francisco, tweets that 8,000 people sleeping in the rain in a city that has a $13 billion annual budget looks like “the least compassionate city on the planet.” How should conservatives respond when progressives awaken to evidence that their ideology creates the harsh reality of a hellscape like San Francisco?

Tune into the Right Angle crew of Stephen Green, Scott Ott and special guest, Alfonzo Rachel, sitting in for Bill Whittle, for a lively discussion.

Left Wing Vs. Right Wing

The difference between left wing sponsors and right wing sponsors and Ad Reads. More from Ryan Long.

Pelosi A Modern-Day Stalinist

Mark Levin says a closer look at the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots Committee reveals a more sinister motive than what they say it does. He says the Democrat Party, in junction with a propaganda-driven White House and media, want to turn the committee into some kind of an event to use against conservatives, Donald Trump and anyone who disagrees with them.

And leading the charge is modern-day Stalinist Nancy Pelosi. Says Levin, “What is the difference between the Jan. 6 committee and their so-called investigation and the kind of investigations that Joseph Stalin used to conduct? Not a lot.” Levin breaks down the committee’s real motive and those of Pelosi.

The End Of Roe?

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Liz Wheeler, Janice Dean and Josh Hammer about the possibility that the Dobbs v Jackson case could overturn Roe v Wade. The Mississippi abortion law might be what results in the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade. Recent Supreme Court justice appointments like Amy Coney Barrett have made the court more conservative, but how will they rule in this major case?

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