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Two People Manipulating Biden

If you’re wondering how Joe Biden has survived the rigors of the Presidency thus far, look no further than Susan Rice and Ron Klain. Rice, former NSA director in the Obama Administration, and Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, are seemingly choreographing the President’s every move.

The irony of the arrangement is that Rice and Klain, in the vein of the new and radical Left, are flooding Biden and America with the very socialist ideas that the corrupt Democrat Party now espouses. And this after both embraced capitalism to the fullest, making fortunes in the Trump stock market explosion. Bill O’Reilly takes a closer look at their paths to riches.

Packing The Supreme Court

Holding true to Democrat Party threats to disrupt the justice system in the United States, Team Biden launched a commission to study packing the Supreme Court. This in light of President’s Trump’s unprecedented three appointees to the nation’s highest court, which pushed the conservative majority to 6-3.

The corrupt Democrats, unwilling to play by the rules and adhere to the Constitution, will more than likely “pack” SCOTUS by increasing the bench from nine members to as many as an outrageous 15 to ensure a liberal majority for many years to come.

The party of deceit has already started assembling the commission, beginning with chairman  Bob Bauer, who previously served as Biden’s campaign attorney and who served in the Obama Administration. Bauer, an uber Leftist, has admitted he only works for Democrats and liberals. And there’s more. He is lobbying for term limits on federal judges, which are lifetime appointments.

Hmm, a partisan chair who only works for his ilk and favors term limits for judges … kind of gives you a clear picture of what this bozo has in mind. In this edition of Sekulow Live, former Trump legal team attorney Jay Sekulow and his son, Jordan, dig into the ramifications of the looney commission.

Battle Of The Johns

Jason Bermas says he’s been super-skeptical of the prolonged corruption investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham, even admitting he’s not expecting any arrests as has been the alternative media scuttlebutt. But now that former Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan is squarely in the crosshairs of the Durham probe, Bermas is changing his tune. “John Brennan has now been in the hot seat for eight hours,” Bermas says. “And although John Durham is saying he’s not a suspect, you have to wonder whether or not the purpose of this interview was basically to get Brennan to lie on the record.”

It’s akin to  the perjury trap perpetrated on Michael Flynn and other Trump associates. Could this be the takedown we’ve expected from the Trump Administration? Stay tuned, as the Battle of the Johns continues. Bermas gives us more on the Brennan interview, details on Internet censorship and the real truth about Seth Rich and his association with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.




Brennan Backed Into A Corner

John Brennan is in trouble. Or to put it bluntly, he’s screwed! The former CIA director in the Obama Administration finally was penciled in Friday for his day of reckoning with U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is probing anything and everything surrounding Deep State misdeeds.

But Durham won’t be seeking any additional info regarding Brennan’s case. His investigation has it all. What he wants to know is how far up the Deep State hierarchy does this misconduct go. Brennan will more than likely be offered a deal, but the big question is, will he take it? Most likely not, says Dave from the X22 Report. Tune in as X22 also looks into new information on the Ghislaine Maxwell case and the Democrat Party’s fiasco over mail-in voting.

Debunking USPS Rumors

With less than three months to the most important election of our lifetime, the corrupt Democrat Party and Deep State are aiming all their artillery squarely at President Trump. The latest volley, regarding mail-in voting and the United States Postal Service’s role in it, is pure fiction.

The most egregious charge comes from Sleepy Joe Biden himself, who claimed President Trump is sabotaging the election by purposely confiscating mail boxes across the nation to make it difficult for people to vote! How insane is that? The truth, says One America News’ Liz Wheeler, is that the U.S. Postal Service is replacing old mail boxes with new ones, which is part of its normal routine. The USPS even confirmed it. And if you’re still doubtful, a little due diligence reveals that more than 12,000 mail boxes were removed in the final five years of the Obama Administration.

Among the other claims that doesn’t hold muster is that the USPS, which is billions of dollars in debt, will shut down before the election. False again. The USPS is solvent through 2021 and will absolutely not close its doors before November. Tune in to Wheeler on “Turning Point,” as she debunks more mistruths.

Cruz Gives Dems An Earful

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is mad as hell and he can’t take it anymore. In an impassioned speech before the Senate Judiciary Committee and aimed at Democrats in Congress, Cruz delivered an blistering rebuke of the Obama Administration’s incessant corruption, pointing out that it directed the FBI, CIA, law enforcement and intelligence to target their political opposition. “All of them thought Hillary as going to win and nobody would know that they had abused law enforcement and intelligence to target their political enemies.” Cruz further chided Judiciary Committee Democrats for turning a blind eye. “And what’s astonishing, there’s not a single Democrat here that cares,” he says. Check out Cruz’s fiery speech on Five Star.

Fight the Cultural War

Instead of running for cover, conservatives need to fight the Left on the cultural front, retaking the lead in setting values for America. That’s the CPAC message of the vibrant and witty Candace Owens, conservative activist and Director of Urban Engagement at Turning Point USA.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin addressed the crowd at CPAC 2019, telling them that Democrats and establishment Republicans led to the current border crisis.

Mark Levin and his wife, Julia Strauss Levin, delve into the constitutional and legal calamities committed by the Leftist Obama administration. They also get into the Border Wall and say if the illegal immigrants were Republican voters, the Democrats would not only have a wall already built, but with snipers manning the parapets.

We’re not going to showcase all of President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC because we run scores of his talks all through the year. But we wanted to show you this excerpt from the speech, in which he calls upon conservative activist Hayden Williams to join him on stage. Who is Williams? The conservative activist who was smacked across the face on the University of California at Berkeley campus by a Leftwing wingnut.


Worst Scandal in US History

Dan Bongino, former U.S. Secret Service agent, gives you breaking intel on Uranium One and the Trump Steele dossier. The mainstream media keep trying to bypass these stories, but that’s because they point to an underlying fact: the Obama administration and its allies committed far more despicable crimes than Nixon did with Watergate. There are plenty of crooks in the last administration who need to be arrested and jailed.

U.S., Israel Inseparable

Wild Bill says the corrupt Obama Administration has done almost everything in its power to disrupt the bond between the United States and Israel, including opening the door to the thugs in Iran to build a future nuclear weapon. But Wild Bill remains steadfast in his support of our Israeli brethren. “Israel and the USA are partners in freedom and democracy, and the entire world is witness to this,” he says. “Neither country is perfect neither government is perfect, but frankly, our two nations are better than the rest.”

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