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YouTube Purge: Straight Skivvy

The YouTube purge is far worse than anyone imagined. The company is transforming the Internet into a straitjacket — the online version of the old Soviet Union.  Time to break up Google once and for all, and never allow a company so large, so disgusting and so dominant to wipe out our freedoms. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants spells out what’s happening.

A Google engineer got fired because he spoke out against Leftist outrage clubs operating within the company. A conservative, Mike Wacker was placed on paid leave and then fired two days later. He penned an open letter about the company “outrage mobs” and “witch hunts.” We have seen enough to know he spoke the truth. Time to break up Google into smaller and, hopefully, more honest and open companies.

Liz Wheeler of OAN shoots the YouTube policy on hate speech full of holes. The fact is: YouTube allows hate speech and the promotion of violence against conservatives and Christians. It just doesn’t let users berate baby killers or rapists, you know, attacks on the usual Liberal scum like Stephen Colbert.

Funny how the loudest advocates for regulating the Internet are all the Leftist media companies that would stand to make a lot of money if the Internet suddenly became less popular and competitive. That’s why we now have legacy media openly calling for online broadcast regulations. Styxhexenhammer666 discusses one such push, by the weasels at Slate, who, of course, never mention how they would benefit immediately.

Jon Miller on The Blaze says we beat Fascism in WWII, but now it’s returning via Big Tech censorship. The 75th anniversary of D-Day is a chilling reminder of how soft today’s Millennials are. Carlos @Gaywonk Maza is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with America. He can’t handle jokes on the internet, so he’s on a crusade to silence BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder. Plus, is Nancy Pelosi actually being smart for once? Impeachment mania is growing among the House Dems. You’ve gotta wonder how worried the pro-impeachment cohort is about 2020. Seems like they’ll support any method of removing Trump from office other than an actual, fair election.

We close with Edge of Wonder. It’s a jam-packed episode focusing on the Google blackout, YouTube censorship, Jordan Sather’s trouble with censorship at Contact in the Desert, Sanpaku eyes and Vegan Mikey.

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