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Iron Eagle Revelations

Here are a series of videos from QAnon operator Area 17 Ground Zero that expose the human trafficking networks that have been run by Hillary Clinton, George Soros and their various operatives under the Clinton Foundation and related organizations. We are given an overview so we can see the countries where humans are exploited, the transport lines and the final destinations.

In particular, we’re painted a picture of what exactly happened in Haiti. Children were abducted by the Clinton Foundation, shipped to Tripoli, Libya, and then off to the Red Castle in Wales. Why? These Haitian orphans were used in AIDS experiments — at least those who were AIDS infected. Those who were not were tortured to extract their adrenochrome-enriched blood to feed the world’s elite.

Area 17 Ground Zero hypothesizes that some former blood hats or gray hats have now flipped and are working with Q operatives to expose longstanding evils. Among those said to have flipped: Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel and Bono.

We aren’t going to vouch for everything reported in these videos but there’s certainly a lot of ground covered, and if you watch all four videos, you will be left with a much greater understanding of the networks of human trafficking, why President Donald Trump is bringing these criminals to justice, and how new freedoms are emerging in far-flung corners of the globe, from North Korea to Armenia. You will also begin to understand why German leader Angela Merkel is shaking so often nowadays.

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