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Let’s Examine The Whistleblower

Most of the mainstream media is ignoring it for now, but reports have surfaced that CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella is the “whistleblower” who sparked the impeachment proceedings.

A look at Ciaramella’s background is very interesting and will further charges of “deep state” by Trump supporters. He worked in the Obama White House, had been accused of leaking other anti-Trump information, and has ties to Joe Biden and Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC operative who stirred up “Russia collusion” allegations for years.

Ken LaCorte ran for over a decade and is now offering unspun news.

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Here, Donald Trump Jr. identifies Ciaramella as the whistleblower. You see: Junior is on our side. More from Mark Dice.

We close with another account about Eric Ciaramella that’s even more damaging, if true. The gist: Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu believes Ciaramella is, in fact, a secret grandson of James Jesus Angleton, who served as chief of CIA Counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975. Ciaramella grew up in Connecticut, but Shimatsu believes Eric was placed there with a “stand-in” father: Tony Ciaramella, a banker.

Shimatsu argues Eric’s actual father is Yogi Bhajan, the late head of a Sikh ashram in Espanola, New Mexico — north of Santa Fe. The actual mother is Lucy d’Autremont Angleton, a daughter of James Jesus Angleton. She became a member of the Sikh ashram, a typically isolated commune or home of a reclusive religious leader, fitting the guru — Yogi Bhajan. Her name on the ashram was Siri Hari Kaur Angleton-Khalsa.

This is a pretty wild account, but we have found Shimatsu to be quite credible in even wilder stories, so we present it here for your edification. The Sikh community in New Mexico is heavily Democratic and closely aligned with former Gov. Bill Richardson, who, it turns out, was also a longtime associate of the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Strange fellows, indeed.

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