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This Wicked Agenda Is Global

Renowned researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins SGTReport to discuss a very wicked global agenda. Namely, there has been a 10-fold increase in the number of massive wildfires over the past couple of decades. None of this is accidental. It has to do with the imported Eucalyptus trees in California. There have been similar massive fires in other nations where Eucalyptus trees got imported from Australia, including Portugal. Watch and learn.

In Pursuit of Truth analyzes the latest Q posts. This is something we’ve seen before but it is so refreshing to see again — owing to the fact that Q is back, after an absence of a little more than three months. One of the more fascinating stories: The trial of Anthony Comello, 24, accused of killing crime boss Frank Cali because Cello was convinced that Cali meant to assassinate President Donald Trump. We also get some useful background on Prosecutor John Durham, who prefers to do his work more privately and stay out of the public purview.

Also quite interesting: How the North Korean President Kim Jong-Un declined to take President Barack Obama’s phone calls 11 times. More disturbing: Google’s AI Manhattan Project, a plan for global surveillance, looking into futuristic nightmares like Deep Mind and Deep Dream.

The [Deep State] is doing exactly what the patriots want them to do. They are exposing themselves to the public while destroying themselves at the same time. The cast of characters are all part of the same [DS] group and the WhistleBlower now has a WhistleBlower reporting them. The world is changing. The people are realizing who the real enemy is. Q drops more bread, lets us know that indictments are coming. We are now counting down and we are nearing t minus zero. More from the X22 Report.

It’s all a Clown Op! That’s the assessment of RedPill78, discussing the CIA-driven impeachment inquiry that the Democrats are mounting. If these are truth tellers, let them come out in the open and say what they have to say. If they cannot speak publicly, it’s an indication they are liars, like the Democrats almost always are. Also in this edition, the massive IG report will be released by Thanksgiving. And prosecutor John Durham is interviewing the former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer.

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Q is dropping absolute fire. Take a look at the drops and prepare to have your mind…blown! More from Destroying the Illusion.

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