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Whistleblower’s Illicit Donations

A New ICIG (Intelligence Community Inspector General) complaint from a new whistleblower alleges that the Trump Ukraine Whistleblower may be soliciting illicit donations through Go Fund Me. In September it seems that a group associated with the whistleblower started raising money, generating over $227,000 so far. The first concern is that as an active intelligence community member, they cannot accept gifts and, secondly, many of the gifts may be coming from foreign individuals or agents.

This calls into question the motives of those seeking to undermine or call out Trump. If this person is currently employed, why would they need to raise money through a public fundraiser?

This comes at a time that Nikki Haley says Trump top staff tried to recruit her to “resist” the president.

In the instance of the new ICIG complaint it could be worse. People seek to profit off the political anger with public fundraisers. Right now the president of the US is facing impeachment over this whistleblower’s complaint. It is more important than ever to know who he is, his relationship with Democrats, and why he is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars off his complaint.

As soon as he decided to publicly raise money we should have known who he was.

They may be disrupting our country for personal profit. More from Tim Pool.

P.S. Tim Pool does not mention the whistleblower by name — Eric Ciaramella — because YouTube and Facebook have been blackballing the account of anyone who identifies him. We aren’t going to hide his name. If he’s not man enough to take his stand in public, he never should have been allowed to disrupt our democracy. If he’s actually taking thousands of dollars from foreigners, he’s not just a disrupter, but a traitor himself.

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Also, here, we offer a second report from Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu who believes the whistleblower isn’t a “Ciaramelli” at all, but instead the son of the late New Mexico Sikh leader Yogi Bhajan and the daughter of the former CIA Counterintelligence operator James Jesus Angleton. This article is entitled, “CIA Must Divulge Their Whistleblower’s Sikh Terrorist’s Connections.”

Matt Bracken of InfoWars breaks down the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella as the key to understanding the coup against Trump.


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