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Gnarwhal 2

In Pursuit of Truth offers us the worst-looking narwhal we’ve ever seen. But it serves a decent purpose (porpoise?): As reports emanated from London of brave bystanders who chased a terrorist with a fire extinguisher and a 5-foot narwhal tusk to keep the fiend from stabbing innocent people on London Bridge. The terrorist killed a man and a woman before he was shot dead by police Friday afternoon.  Also, a mass killing occurred over the weekend in New Orleans.

The [Deep State] is pushing the fake impeachment forward. They have no place to go but forward. They will try to use other tactics to save themselves but it will fail. Hunter Biden’s baby case wants his financial information exposed. Hunter trying to hide it. FISA, Declass and criminal investigations coming. Barr and Durham found additional evidence out in Rome. The Mainstream Media/Deep State is now spinning what is coming. They are using words like debunked and unfounded, without showing evidence. The corruption, the swamp is about to be exposed. More from the X22 Report.

Is dopamine fasting Silicon Valley’s latest fad? Why you can’t stop clicking? More from Truthstream Media.

What’s the matter with Joe Biden? A cat has got his tongue, but there’s a reason he’s speaking less: The panic and pain are intensifying. That’s the highlight but hardly the only topic covered by McAllister TV in this video. She even delves into the Witchmaster General of 1644!

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