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God In A Nutshell

Let’s revisit the Garden of Eden, the Flood with Noah, and other Biblical stories to get a picture of the eternal struggle between God and Satan. This is a struggle that continues to this day, after dividing populations in most of the ancient civilizations of antiquity — including Sumeria, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome.

Author and documentary filmmaker Trey Smith created this work, which we present in two parts.

Here, he touches on God’s prohibition against child sacrifice, and how the minions of Satan continue to abuse this edict. Not only does he draw from the Bible, but also the lost books of the Bible — books the Satanists have tried to hide or obliterate so we do not understand who they are and how they operate.



Now Italy Enforces Jab Pass

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that another country has been swallowed up the Draconian madness that is the Covid-19 pandemic. In the vein of Canada and Australia, Italy is now enforcing vaccine passports, or the Green Pass.

No matter the law or mandate, restrictions have pushed forward despite the will of the people, drawing massive protests throughout the country. Yet in obvious tourist sites, such as in Rome, long lines of “cattle” are desperately conforming and complying. Sigurdson brings us more details on the jab pass.

Trump Carried California!

British Internet observer Simon Parkes drops a shocking piece of news: President Donald Trump not only won many of the battleground, swing states that were declared for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. Trump even pulled down enough votes in California that he won the state and should have received California’s 55 electoral votes!

This is why the Democrats are so frantic in their attempts to censor or impeach President Donald Trump a second time. He not only whipped them, he whipped them in a commanding way. The only reason Joe Biden supposedly “won” is because his supporters cheated so flagrantly, using voter fraud to alter and manipulate the totals being reported by the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in some 20 or more states.

As we now know, Italy was the center for the fraud. Officials at the US Embassy in Rome were permitted to use the Leonardo defense satellites to relay signals to these voting machines. This could emerge as a global scandal, as the Vatican owns a stake in this company, and its vote-changing relays were sent through a CIA-affiliated router in Frankfurt, Germany. There also appear to have been British M16 agents who took part, although these agents might have been “rogue” operators, rather than carrying out directives from their national government. In Italy, the corruption was much more persistent, and high-reaching in its scope.

Otherwise, Parkes says there’s a possibility neither Biden nor Trump will be inaugurated Jan. 20. In that event, there could be an interregnum. This would be a period of time, say two or three months, when neither is installed as the next President. It’s not clear who would govern during this period. Also unclear: Will an interregnum lead to another vote? Exactly how it will be determined who is the actual President to serve the next four years?

All Roads Lead To Rome

We were all looking at Dominion voting machines getting hacked in various states during the election. We all thought that the votes were being manipulated in Frankfurt and being sent back to the USA in favor of Joe Biden.

Now, word is coming out that Italy was Ground Zero for the Dominion Machines vote harvesting. Between Italian tech and military giant Leonardo and the Italian government (including the US Embassy in Italy), it looks like Trump was part of a New World Order take down or should I say shake down — all for getting the Illuminati’s ‘Great Global Reset’ implemented. Donald Trump was in the way and the World Economic Forum needed Joe Biden in place.

What happened to the USA and Donald Trump is purely the act of Satan himself. Trump’s demise came right out of Satan’s bedroom…. The Vatican. By the way, Barack Obama funded the Coup with stolen US government cash that was sent to Italy. More from GlobalAgenda@BitChute.

CIA Felons Used U.S. Embassy

Here, Maria Zack explains more details on the electoral fraud that took place in the embassy of the USA with the collaboration of the Italian government, Italian intelligence, the Vatican, the CIA and MI6 using the Italian communication satellites of the Leonardo SpA Group. Leonardo is the 3rd largest defense contractor in Europe, 8th largest in the world.

Via Leonardo, the data was encrypted from the central European Union data hub in Frankfurt, Germany, which is CIA directed and monitored. From Frankfurt, the data traveled in real time to the embassy in Rome. There the falsification was done, involving votes switched from President Donald Trump to the corrupt Joe Biden. If you will, this is the electronic equivalent of money laundering!

Adrenochrome, Ancient Sacrifice

An in-depth analysis of cultures and religions throughout time that have sacrificed humans, performed blood rituals, and consumed adrenalized blood. This is part one, focusing on ancient cultures including Carthage, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome. We will bring you part two upon its completion. Mith Chronicler, who created the video, says this one took a full two weeks to make, so it might be a while before we see the followup.

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We are at a critical juncture in our reality. Dark to Light. The Light has won, so the Dark are scrambling. In order to create chaos, fear, and confusion, they invert the reality. They invert what is true, and they corrupt and deceive. Use your innermost discernment, and if you have no capability to discern, then this video and my channel is not for you. More from J.C. Kay,

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Rome, Italy

With most everyone across the globe marooned at home, Black Pigeon Speaks plans to launch a new travel series. Not so much because we’re all going anywhere anytime soon. But so we can dream of interesting places to see once we get our sea legs back and begin to explore the world again. He opens the series with this video of Rome, Italy: City, Perspectives and Historic Echoes.


Ancient Etruscan Origins

The Etruscan civilization flourished in central Italy starting around 900 BC, with assimilation into the Roman society, beginning in the late 4th century BC. Although the Etruscans developed a system of writing borrowed from Greek script, the Etruscan language remains only partly understood, making modern interpretation of their society and culture heavily dependent on much later and generally disapproving Roman and Greek sources. The Etruscans called themselves Rasenna (meaning Red) and held the serpent as sacred. Some scholars associate them with the Sea Peoples named by the Egyptians, or the Tribe of Dan. More from Robert Sepehr.…

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Gnarwhal 2

In Pursuit of Truth offers us the worst-looking narwhal we’ve ever seen. But it serves a decent purpose (porpoise?): As reports emanated from London of brave bystanders who chased a terrorist with a fire extinguisher and a 5-foot narwhal tusk to keep the fiend from stabbing innocent people on London Bridge. The terrorist killed a man and a woman before he was shot dead by police Friday afternoon.  Also, a mass killing occurred over the weekend in New Orleans.

The [Deep State] is pushing the fake impeachment forward. They have no place to go but forward. They will try to use other tactics to save themselves but it will fail. Hunter Biden’s baby case wants his financial information exposed. Hunter trying to hide it. FISA, Declass and criminal investigations coming. Barr and Durham found additional evidence out in Rome. The Mainstream Media/Deep State is now spinning what is coming. They are using words like debunked and unfounded, without showing evidence. The corruption, the swamp is about to be exposed. More from the X22 Report.

Is dopamine fasting Silicon Valley’s latest fad? Why you can’t stop clicking? More from Truthstream Media.

What’s the matter with Joe Biden? A cat has got his tongue, but there’s a reason he’s speaking less: The panic and pain are intensifying. That’s the highlight but hardly the only topic covered by McAllister TV in this video. She even delves into the Witchmaster General of 1644!

Sid Vicious?

Tokyo Delve Sushi Bar was among several businesses damaged by a fire in North Hollywood. At least two, possibly three men had been arrested outside the building. There were reports the fire originated in the attic of the sushi bar about 5 am Monday morning but that’s rather strange, because the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Could the fire had originated at another business nearby? In Pursuit of Truth delves into the possibilities.

IPOT also travels to New York to revisit another bizarre accident — a helicopter barreling into the rooftop of a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP. Who are they? A massive group of attorneys, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and frequently used by former President Barack Obama. Hmmm!

Here’s more on the helicopter crash in NYC. This was no accident. The owner of the helicopter, Daniele Rodini, commuted into New York City via the copter, from a home in upstate New York. Bodini serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP). He serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School. Bodini is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations, chairman of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, chairman of the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, and guarantor of the Italian Academy at Columbia University. More from Bill Smith, who maintains the crash was intended to cover up an Italian spy ring.

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Winning! Winning! Winning! SerialBrain2 returns to President Donald Trump’s historic visit to the United Kingdom. Here, we see how the world has been controlled over the past few centuries — Rome serving as the center for religion, London for finances and Washington D.C. for military. But President Trump is demolishing the old arrangement, working to restore our independence, not only our financial freedom, but also political. Here we see a series of tweets and interviews, decoded to give us a better understanding of what they really mean.

The US is getting ready to hold an extradition hearing for Assange. US Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, exposes the Dean hearing and puts it all out there. We have now learned that John Durham’s investigation is much broader than originally thought. Durham is investigating the following: false statements, classified leaks, falsified FISA affidavits and illegal domestic spying by the C_A. New developments in regards to North Korea.  Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a C_A informant. Iran releases prisoner to Lebanon. Trump sends message. There are no coincidences. More from the X22 Report.

Resignations! Suicides! Suspicious deaths! More Arkancides coming! Heat up your popcorn and prepare to sit back and enjoy the show. More from McAllister TV.

DOJ letter proves the scope of the John Durham investigation covers EVERYONE, THIS IS HAPPENING!!! More strange deaths. Chopper pilot identified, and Project Veritas has another tech insider proving conservative censoring. PLUS Amash OUT of Freedom Caucus. Italy is FUMING over Spygate actions by Obummer Admin. More from RedPill78.

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